Reasons for Pulse Warmers

Last week in A Peek Behind the Scenes, I wrote about how the beads do not show on the wrong side of Beaded Garter Stitch. This is an advantage for articles to be used for warmth, since the beads (which can get like ice in the cold) don’t touch your skin.

Beads do not show on wrong side of beaded garter stitch

Beads do not show on wrong side of beaded garter stitch

In the above photo, pretend you are knitting. The side currently facing you in the photo is the wrong side. Trust me that there are actually beads on the other side. But you can’t see them. Only to the left of the photo where I have flipped the knitting over a bit, can you see that there really are beads on the other side (which of course is what we use as the right side of the fabric).

Pulse Warmers are one of my favorite items  to make and wear using Beaded Garter Stitch. Rather than always listening to me about why, let Ellen Sandin of Earth Faire share her heart-warming (pulse-warming) story.

Beading Hearts Friendship Bracelet

Beading Hearts Friendship Bracelet

If you have been dithering about making Beading Hearts Friendship Bracelet, this might give you the incentive to make not only one, but to make a pair!

Do you have a story? We’d love to hear.

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  1. Bethany says:

    Same here, Carol – I can’t see a link to click on to read the story. Hopefully Jackie will get it posted soon. I’m interested!

  2. carol says:

    I’m not understanding where to hear/see/read this “heartwarming story”

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