String 50 Beads for the Mini US Flag Stars

Prior to starting the blue union area (row 26) of the Mini US Flag, string 50 tiny beads onto your blue thread. 50 beads are needed because each bead will represent a “star” in the flag. As you knit, you will push the beads along the thread until you need them.

For this mini flag project, the beads are pre-strung on your working thread because we will be using the beading technique that places a tiny bead between stitches (rather than a larger bead on a stitch as in the Yarn Pouch project we did last month). 

TIP: Before stringing beads, check that the length of thread you need for the project is a continuous piece without knots, lumps or thin/weak areas.

If you have loose beads, use a beading needle to string the beads onto your thread (see separate article: Tips for Stringing Tiny Loose Beads).

If the beads you are using came pre-strung onto a temporary thin holding string, you can simply transfer the number of beads needed to your blue thread as  follows:

1. Tie a small overhand knot loop in the end of the holding string.

2. Pull the end of your blue thread through the holding string loop like you would a needle eye.

3. Gently slide beads off holding string across the loop area and onto your blue thread.

For a more comprehensive photo tutorial: Transferring Pre-strung Beads

Tip: Whether using loose or pre-strung beads, watch for defective or mis-sized beads as you go. Remove/discard these beads rather than stringing them onto your thread.

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