Get Ready for Spring Lace Leaves KAL

Building on Basics: Even the simplest lace knitting looks impressive and invites awe

Springtime means renewal and growth. And so I felt it appropriate to feature a spring-themed Narrow Lace Leaves Scarf as our March KAL.

Narrow Lace Leaves Scarf

Depending on where you are in your lace knitting journey, I challenge you to

  • learn something new
  • reinforce and grow confident in your skills
  • simply be inspired and enjoy the ride.

March’s project is an example of the approach I often use for end-to-end, one-piece scarves with a central lace pattern surrounded by a knit-as-you-go lace border. Since there are no seams to sew or graft, or even picked-up stitches to work separate sections, the lace just flows off the needles. Except for a final blocking, it is a “when you are done, you are done” project. And at the finale, there is always a magic moment when the lace is blocked out to show all of its airy beauty.

Featured Techniques

  • Combining knitted lace and lace knitting
  • Knit-as-you-go lace border
  • Bias effects in lace patterning

Bonus Extra

  • Scarf version with 2 identical halves joined with “pull over” bind off

Knit along this month while trying new things and learning with bonus bit-size tutorials, tips & techniques.

Pattern Availability

Spring Lace Leaves Scarf pattern is the special edition version of Narrow Lace Leaves Scarf being offered for Beyond BOBBOL 2014. The pattern will be available at discount March 5 – 25 in the Knit-A-Longs area of the site: 100% off for Premium and Basic Paid level members; 50% off for Free Limited Content level members.

Even if you are only on the Limited Content level and don’t want to purchase the discounted pattern, you still have free access to all member-only tutorials, tips & techniques articles for the KAL

Note: Premium Level members have early access beginning February 25th, including a bonus scarf pattern. Check the Premium Area for your coupon code to get Ravelry delivery of the 2-project pattern that contains both the Narrow Lace Leaves Scarf and the coordinating Lace Leaves Scarf with Shaped Ends.

Shopping List

For the Get Ready for Spring Lace Leaves March KAL, you will need

  • 150 yards of fingering weight yarn
  • Size 5 US (3.75 mm) knitting needles suggested

You will be knitting flat, so you may use your choice of any type of needles for knitting knitting back and forth.

The March KAL focus will be on knitting lace. The pattern does not call for adding beads, but feel free to do so if you want to using any of the methods we’ve gone over in previous KAL’s.

Gather your supplies now and be ready to start knitting.

Yarn Available for Purchase

Terri wrote: “I cannot wait to start this scarf. It is so pretty. I love the color choice, too. Reminds me of my Irish heritage. Black watch plaid colors. Beautiful!!!

Smitten by the yarn used in the pictured scarf for March’s Beyond BOBBOL 2014 KAL above?

By popular request, I have a limited supply of the same yarn available for purchase.

Black Watch Yarn
Reminiscent of Irish heritage and Black Watch plaid colors. This is the yarn and color pictured for March's Beyond BOBBOL 2014 KAL of Spring Lace Leaves Scarf. 1 skein is all you need if you want to make the scarf.

Yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, a hand-dyed soft and durable fingering weight yarn in 80% superwash wool/20% nylon yarn. Comes in a 2 ounce skein of 215 yards.

Beads are not included in the scarf pattern, but if you want to add a bit of sparkle with Miyuki beads, possible suggestions are #277 Green-lined Crystal AB and #269 Ice Blue-lined Crystal AB
Price: $12.50

I still encourage you to stash dive or give yourself an excuse to visit your local yarn shop for the supplies to make Narrow Lace Leaves Scarf. But if you’d like the convenience of one-stop shopping, I can get this yarn out to you as soon as possible. Be aware that supplies are limited, so please order early.

An Invitation to Join Us for KnitHeartStrings KAL’s

I hope you will learn and knit along with us for Narrow Lace Leaves Scarf in March as part of the Beyond BOBBOL series. If you are not yet a member of KnitHeartStrings, you can Join Here for a Free Trial. There is lots of good knitting to come for 2014 Beyond BOBBOL!

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