June KAL Discount Offers Period Extended

– June KAL: Charity Knitting Made Simply Elegant —

I’m running behind this month. Maybe you are, too? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that the discount offers on the bonus Elegantly Simple Triangle Shawl pattern have been extended through June 30th! Get 50% – 100% off as a KnitHeartStrings member.

Elegantly Simple Triangle Shawl

Elegantly Simple Triangle Shawl

June KAL Support Articles

These support articles are available to help you learn and practice the beautiful stitch pattern used in both the charity knitting Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket and the Elegantly Simple Triangle Shawl:

Easy 1-2-3 Pattern Outline for Elegantly Simple Bookmark
I hope you enjoy knitting this little bookmark as much as I do, and that it will get you off to a good start in practicing to make the larger baby blanket or shawl.

Elegantly Simple Bookmark

Elegantly Simple Feather and Fan Shetland Lace
Feather and fan lace is popular because it looks complicated, but usually is easy to knit. For the Elegantly Simple KAL, we have both elegant and simple.

Elegantly Simple Feather and Fan Lace Stitch

If you are a visual person, these step-by-step photo tutorials are for you:

Photo tutorial: Left Slanting Triple Decrease

completed left slanting triple decrease

click for left slanting triple decrease photo tutorial

- Right Slanting Triple Decrease

completed right slanting triple decrease

click for right slanting triple decrease photo tutorial

June Prize Giveaway

In keeping with the summer heat-up, June’s prize is a specially-prepared Red Hots Anklets Kit. Besides yarn and pattern to knit these fun socks, I’ve sweetened the deal with Red Hots candy and a lovely fluted candy bowl.

Since June is charity knitting focus month at KnitHeartStrings, you can also earn additional giveaway entries for each knitted item you donate to your choice of worthwhile cause. More details on the Prize Giveaway page.

Red Hot Summer Knitting Kit

June Prize Giveaway: Red Hot Summer Knitting Kit

Any questions? Just give me a shout-out. Happy knitting, 
Jackie E-S


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  1. Wanda Powers says:

    I was going to download the elegant baby blanket to knit for my charity but I received a message saying this site was not secure and someone was trying to steal my identity. Do you have a way to download a pattern that is secure? I do not want to have a virus or get hacked. Patterns, free or paid for, are not with that.

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