Pleasing Reversibility: Looking at the other side of lace

when wrong is right

The pattern instructions for I Heart Filet Lace refer to right side and wrong side rows. This is typical terminology when referring to fabric.

right side of filet lace

the “right side” of filet lace knitting

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to make a choice in deciding which side to call the “right side”, though.

Sometimes it isn’t just a matter of right and wrong. Because if you look at the other side of knitting, it can be nice looking, too! I call this¬†Pleasing Reversibility.

the other side of filet lace knitting

the other side of filet lace knitting – is it really “wrong” or just a slightly different look?

For a scarf or other article where either side might be shown in the wearing, having this pleasing reversibility is a bonus.

Comparing the “right side” and “wrong side” photos above, I think I still do prefer the designated right side. But you wouldn’t believe how many times people flip to the other side as their preferred. What is your vote?

It’s sort of like having 2 scarves in one.

Let’s take a look at the beaded version of filet lace knitting.

the right side of beaded filet lace knitting

the right side of beaded filet lace knitting

The crochet hook method of placing a bead on a stitch allows the beads to show on both sides of the fabric, thus preserving the quality of pleasing reversibility. Here is what it looks like on the other side.

Beaded Filet Lace Heart - reverse side

Beaded Filet Lace Heart – reverse side

In fact, I almost like this reverse side better. I guess I would have to say this is an example of where “wrong is right”.

What is your preferred side?

p.s. Please don’t look closely. Yes, I made a mistake, just proving yet again that I am not perfect. I didn’t myself see it until after blocking and photo’d! Oh well, that is make I call a “signature stitch” — An added bit of personal design. Ha-ha.

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