Supplies Kit to make Satin and Beaded Lace Ornament

Kits are now available through my catalog at Shopatron for making the Satin and Lace Ornament.

Some in our group were having difficulty getting the supplies in time for the Christmas in July project we are doing this month. So I hope this helps.

In the supplies kit, you get your choice of 5 colors color for the satin ornament ball, choice of 3 threads, pearl seed beads, and fine gauge pins for attaching your completed lace edging to the ball.

Satin Ornament Balls

Satin Ornament Balls - your choice of color

I even save you the work of stringing the beads onto the thread. Your pre-strung beads are ready for you to start knitting right away!

How does that sound? I hope I am not going to drive myself with my offer to string beads for all the kits, lol.

p.s. Sorry, my Shopatron catalog is set up to ship kits only to continental U.S. If you are elsewhere and desperate, contact me directly and I will try to work something out with you.

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One Response to Supplies Kit to make Satin and Beaded Lace Ornament

  1. jackiees says:

    Wouldn’t ya’ know it … All the white kits are already gone (the color in the sample model shown always sells out first, lol) I still have red, green, yellow/gold and a few blue.

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