Downloading Free Pattern Offer

During the Free Download Offer Period, the pattern offered will show up under the Free Membership Pattern menu. Even during the Free Download Offer Period, the pattern offered for free to KnitHeartStrings members will show the price that the pattern is usually sold for.

Thus, the price of the pattern is always displayed, whether you are logged in or not. During the free download offer period, logged in members will see a Download button (rather than a Buy Now button). With the Download button, there is no charge.

Logged in members see a Download button for the pattern

Even if you were to not be logged in and mistakenly hit the Buy Now button, you would need to go through the extra steps of checking out with Paypal before you would be charged. So it would be pretty obvious if you meant to get the free version, that you would back out of that before completing the Paypal transaction and actually paying. After backing out, just login with your member username and password  to Download the free version.

Non-members and non-logged in members see a Buy button for the pattern

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11 Responses to Downloading Free Pattern Offer

  1. pamela frenchak says:

    I think the problem with losing the Lace Doily Beret is that my e-mail address is different since I moved ( the cable provider I had is not available here ) and when I went to download it, I did not get it. Could I possibly get it now? I did change it on your site.

    thank you, pam

  2. pamela frenchak says:

    Hi, I just moved and while my computer was down, I lost the free December pattern for the Lace Doily Beret. Is there a way I can get it back?
    Thank you, pam

    • jackiees says:

      Free patterns are your responsibility to download and save. Did you back up your computer? Or if you are on the Premium plan and delivered the pattern to your Ravelry library, then you can access the pattern from your Ravelry library. If not, maybe after you get settled from your move, the pattern will show up. Good luck.

  3. Donna Chesson says:

    Trying to download Easy Elegance Mitts. Everything comes up as described above, but when I hit download nothing happens. Did my membership expire?

  4. pam says:

    This is the first time I’ve been unable to access the monthly free lace pattern. As soon as i click to download, it locks up aol, and i have to reboot. I also tried with firefox, with the same results. Have attempted a 2nd day with the same results.

    • jackiees says:

      I have no idea Pam. I have not changed the server configuration or programs for running the member site in several months. It sounds like something might have changed on your computer since last month? I know it can be difficult to know if it has, especially if you are set up to accept automatic software updates from Microsoft or whatever. Maybe do a Google search if anyone else is having trouble with AOL locking up? As I recall, even if you are not actively using AOL, it can mess other things up nevertheless.

  5. Helen Catalano says:

    I have just joined and registered at your site and have been trying to download your free bits of ribbon pattern with no luck. No download button comes on. I was logged in as a member. What am I doing wrong?

    • jackiees says:

      Try logging out, navigating to a different page, then logging in again. You might inadvertently have your computer set to cache pages (i.e. save them), and then your computer is not refreshing to the updated page. If that doesn’t work, try forcing a refresh of the page. How you do that will depend on your web browser. Please google for help on that if you need to, or perhaps there is someone nearby who can help you.

      Hope this gets you going again.

  6. Barbara Miller says:

    I have tried numerous times to download the ribbon pattern. It will not download. Can you please help?

    I’ve downloaded from you before with the monthly free patterns and had no trouble. I have no Idea why this hangs up.

    • jackiees says:

      I don’t know why either, Barbara, since I have no control over what you might have changed on your computer (or been automatically changed for you by automatic updates that might have been applied to your computer by Microsoft, or whatever). I hope you can sort it out. There are troubleshooting tips in the Help section that might help.

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