Security settings to un-block downloads

If you attempting to download a pattern and get an Internet Explorer (IE) web browser message that says something like “to help your security Internet Explorer blocks this site from downloading files to your computer”, change your web browser settings:

  1. go to tools on your browser
  2. click internet options
  3. click security
  4. click custom
  5. scroll to download section
  6. under automatic prompting for downloads, click enable.

This should now allow you to successfully download. Thanks SO much to Beverly for sharing these  steps.

Lili wrote with this additional step she needed to complete her computer settings:

… Yep, using IE8. There is apparently some major issue with this browser. I tried Bev’s tips for changing Security tab settings, several times over. No luck. The page goes in circles; if I try to reload it after a failure, “Error on page” displays in message bar at bottom. I have to close the page and start over.

Today I reviewed every single tab on the IE8 Internet Options box. In the Privacy tab, I changed the setting to “Low” (drag the slider), clicked “Apply”, then clicked “OK”. Voila! the pattern file downloaded easily. I hope this tip helps some others.

Thank you Lili!

4 Responses to Security settings to un-block downloads

  1. Dorothy says:

    I cannot download “knitted ribbons” pattern. Iam logged in as Knitdor

    Dorothy Walduck

  2. Sandy says:

    I have been unable to download this pattern (knitted ribbons) either by netscape or firefox. Could you please send me this pattern by email? Would really like to knit these for the holidays.
    Thank you.
    I have tried what you suggested on your help page.

    • jackiees says:

      The pattern file will only work when it is downloaded from the server by you since it has your member key in it.

      What error are you getting?

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