KnitHeartStrings Birthday Club

Happy birthday to you … Happy birthday to you … Happy birthday to YOU!

Happy Birthday to you

Let me know your birthday to receive a gift and a wish! Make sure you have your birthday month included in your Member Profile. At the beginning of the month, Basic Level and Premium members receive a coupon for free pattern with purchase of another pattern. Everyone whose birthday occurs in the month receives a special wish e-card from Jackie on behalf of all the KnitHeartStrings members.

Include your Birthday Month in your Member Profile

Include your Birthday Month in your Member Profile

A Special Birthday Coupon

Birthday Club members receive a special birthday coupon to buy 1/get 1 free gift at the Ravelry Store for HeartStrings Jackie E-S patterns.

At the beginning of month in which your birthday occurs, I will send your coupon either by Ravelry private message to your Ravelry ID (if included in your KnitHeartStrings member profile), or via the email address in your KnitHeartStrings member profile.

How To Qualify for Birthday Club

1. Be sure your member profile is updated with your birthday month no later than the first day of your birthday month.

2. Your membership level must be either Basic Level or Premium.

The Fine Print

It will be the birthday club administrator’s choice (that’s me — Jackie E-S!) as to whether your birthday coupon is sent by Ravelry message or email. I’m still in the process of determining which way will be the most efficient, as I am hoping we have a LOT of birthdays!

I am not responsible for you failing to include your birthday month in your profile in time, or for losing your coupon, or for not receiving your coupon, or for not using your coupon before expiry date.

Be sure you check your Ravelry messages (if you have included a  Ravelry id in your Member Profile) and check your email inbox (also check your spam box, in case the email system you are using re-routes the message there).

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