Prize Pack Drawing – Please Help Choose Bead Color

First I need YOUR help in choosing which color beads to put in this month’s Prize Pack. I’ve come down to these 3. Can you please help?

Possible bead color choices for a yarn

What bead color do you like with this yarn?
Ends March 25, 2013 @ 12:00 pm

  • Silver-lined Sapphire (darker contrast: upper) (145 Votes)
  • Amethyst Lined Crystal AB (tone-on-tone: middle) (141 Votes)
  • White Ceylon (lighter contrast: lower) (41 Votes)

Total Voters: 327

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I know monitor colors are not accurate. And it oftentimes DOES make a difference in what the combination of bead and yarn looks like then the yarn is going through the bead (especially when the bead is transparent or semi-transparent). But take your best shot — it’s just for fun. There’s no right answer, otherwise I would have already chosen, lol.

Now for the Prize Pack to be given out at the end of month — It will contain all these delightful goodies to make another Pretty Awesome Yarn Pouch:

1) Crystal Palace Panda Silk in color 3035 Light Periwinkle

2) Beads in color to be determined by the poll results above

3) Satin ribbon for the drawstrings

4) Tiny crochet hook to use with the beads

5) A pretty awesome beaded stitch marker

6) Printed pattern signed by yours truly (I don’t know if that makes it more valuable, but ya’ never know if I get really famous, lol)

How would you like to win all that? Order anything from the KnitHeartStrings Store before March 31, 2013, and you will get an entry into the drawing. For Premium Level members, you automatically get an entry, so you will get an additional entry if you order.

The random drawing  will be held on March 31, 2103 and announced shortly afterwards. Winner will be contacted by email and I will get your shipping address then. Good luck to everyone!

p.s. Even if you are not entering the Prize Pack giveaway, please do vote in the poll above so we can get a good tally of the group’s preferences. Thanks!

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20 Responses to Prize Pack Drawing – Please Help Choose Bead Color

  1. Pauline says:

    Amethyst lined crystal AB for me. Love all things purple.
    I’m just getting into knitting with beads and hope to finish
    my flag soon.

  2. Deborah says:

    Tough choice between the silver sapphire and the amethyst crystal… my true choice would be made by actually seeing the yarn and beads together in person. My default would be the sapphire.


  3. KyleAnn Williams says:

    I think the Amethyst Lined Crystal AB beads would be striking!

  4. Shirley says:

    I really like the Amethyst Lined Crystal AB beads….I think the Sapphire are too great a contrast. The bag is gorgeous. I can hardly wait to start knitting it.

  5. Harvie Ann Cox says:

    Sapphire beads would be my choice. They give a great dark, rich contrast to the beautiful blue yarn. I knit with very small seed beads and pearl cotton. They make the most beautiful pouch necklaces. I have several and usually get compliments when I wear them. They hold my lipstick and a little money!

  6. Cathy says:

    Hi – I got behind on email and opened this too late to have my vote count. However, just for fun, I want to say I like the silver-lined sapphire best. I love this pouch pattern, and have purchased my supplies. I will be starting this project very soon. Thanks for the great pattern!


  7. Lois says:

    I would go with the Amethyst Lined Crystal AB . Not only would this selection allow more of the yarn to “blend” with them, it would allow a great choice in “gifting”, particularly if you have a recipient in mind who is very “color sensitive”. The subtlety can lend elegance, allowing a bit of glitter without glitz.

  8. Donna says:

    Voting for Amethyst Lined Crystal AB.

  9. Elise Rimmeli says:

    Silver-lined Sapphire – I love their rich depth.

  10. Diane de Souza says:

    Amethyst lined crystal is what I like.

  11. jjmolvik says:

    I like the darkest bead for a richer look all over.

  12. Elizabeth Miller says:

    I would go with the amethyst lined crystal AB. I think it would really look great with this particular shade of blue.

  13. Jean Severson says:

    Hello – I would cast a vote for the amethyst lined crystal AB. Thanks for this opportunity.

  14. Marilynne says:

    I love the color combination of the blue and the amethyst lined crystal beads! Very pretty :)

  15. Wanda says:

    Wow! I likeall three but since I have to pick I like the Silver-lined Sapphire. I like contrasting colors so they show up better. I have done very little with beads in knitting but what I have done I really like.

  16. Louise Williams says:

    I like your choices I would pick the silver lined sapphire ones . Thank you for explaining how to attach beads to knitting from your pretty pouch pattern .
    I would love to win this fabulous prize . Please enter my name yhankyou

  17. Bobbe says:

    Hi Jackie, thank you for asking us to help you pick. I have a feeling anything you put with that yarn will be beautiful.

    By the way I am starting the Diamond Man’s Vest, so far so good. My hubby’s birthday in mid April. Have to get a move on. Will send photo’s when finished.

    Happy day to you, bobbe

  18. Gail Cumming says:

    Ooooh, what lovely colors! This certainly spurs me on to do more with beads. Just a touch here and there make such a difference! Thank you.

  19. Pat Reddy says:

    I just love those two colours together

    I need to do more with beads

    • Denise says:

      I love the Silver-lined Sapphire the best.
      It is dark enough to contrast the yarn yet not enough to draw the eye away from the beauty of the yarn and pattern.
      Thanks so much!
      I really look forward to the Heart Strings email. :o)

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