Results of I Hate to Purl Poll

Although I did throw a few purl stitches in the lace edging of the Pretty Awesome Yarn Pouch to help control the edge from curling, it looks like not too many people will hate me for it.

I Hate to Purl Poll Results

Poll Results

Here are the results of the poll I posted 15 days ago.

Of the 751 who voted (only about 20% of our members), 36 said “I hate to purl”. Interestingly, it was almost a tie-break with the number who said “I love to purl” (34).

40% of the responders (307) preferred to knit over purling. I am thinking you must loving making the Pretty Awesome Yarn Pouch. Am I right?

For the slight majority of you who like to both knit and purl equally, you should be very happy with next month’s project where we’ll be giving about equal time to knitting and purling.

p.s. The poll for What bead color do you like with this yarn? is still open through noon on Monday, March 25. Have you voted? We’ve got a close tie going between 2 of the 3 colors!

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