A reminder to those who have not yet confirmed their membership subscription …

I’m delighted to have so many new members register here at KnitHeartStrings.com. But all of a sudden I am seeing several signups that have not yet confirmed the invitation you are emailed  to receive HeartStrings e-news as part of your registration.

If you are not already subscribed to HeartStrings news when you first register here, the system sends an invitation to the email address you entered on your registration form. You will want to confirm the invitation ASAP so you get the benefits of member-only content here at KnitHeartStrings.com.

If you need to change your email address for any reason, let me know so that I can make sure you don’t get dropped from the group.

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Some of our past projects. Help me keep more coming.

I want you to continue to enjoy Bits of Lace. Please don’t feel shy about commenting about what you like, about what you’d like to do and learn about, and any questions or suggestions.

Read more about the The Key to Keeping Your Free Membership Active.

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2 Responses to A reminder to those who have not yet confirmed their membership subscription …

  1. Aunt Janet says:

    I’m trying to keep up with the bits of lace posts. My last issue of your blog went to my spam. I put it over into my e-mail file, then clicked on the link to Bits of Lace. I’m sorry to report that I got a porn site when I clicked on your bits of oak lace link. Got out of there real quick! But I haven’t seen the instructions for the oak leaf lace, yet. Boo Hoo.

    • jackiees says:

      The link was supposed to be

      Unfortunately in the e-postcard announcement I sent, I forgot to replace the “xxx” placeholder in the email template. Normally, an incomplete url like this would just result in a “not found”. But instead, it turns out there was an “adult” site at that bogus address. I’ve already changed the template so that will not happen by mistake again!

      Anyway, you can always get to the current month’s pattern by clicking on page link below the “Free Membership Pattern” menu bar.

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