Discover a Gem: Previous KAL’s and Associated Support Articles

Discover a Gem: Site features discovery series

With the continuing expansion of the KnitHeartStrings Site, it’s probably easy to overlook some of the newer (and possibly even the older) features besides the main Knit-A-Longs page. To help you get the most from your KnitHeartStrings membership today and every day, I will be highlighting one of the features now and then.

Julie W is my inspiration for starting this series, as it occurred to me in reading her comment that other members might be missing out on little-known gems around the site. First up is the Previous KAL’s page about which Julie commented here:

“I am so thrilled and relieved to see the ‘Previous KAL’s’ and associated articles. I have been trying to keep track of this info in a spreadsheet and it’s become an impossibility. I’ve been looking at countless hours to invest in getting all this logged and correct. I’ve been avoiding it as a major investment of time and energy.

This is such a wonderful gift. I can’t thank you enough for the brilliantly fun patterns, the extremely informative and educational articles, and the sheer love and giving desire to pass on what you know to others.

I just don’t have the words to express my deep gratitude and thanks.

You are a jewel and a treasure and I wish you every kind of happiness!

Lots of admiration and affection, Julie Wright

It’s pretty awesome to see just how much we’ve covered since the humble beginnings of KnitHeartStrings starting off with Bits of Lace in late January 2012. I hadn’t initially thought about compiling the associated articles for each monthly KAL until we were about 8 months into the Bits of Lace 2012 Series. It took me quite a while to do that. But now that I have it on my regular list of to-do’s every month, it’s easier to keep up with.

I hope the Previous KAL’s page will help you discover and review tips, techniques and tutorials for your areas of knitting interest. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

p.s. The Previous KAL’s page is open access for all membership levels.


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