Personalized Member Dashboard

The Personalized Member Dashboard is a new site feature that went live just this week. Information is¬†tailored to you and your membership level.¬†It’s goal is to give you Handy Links to help you navigate to the areas of the site you are usually most interested in – quickly and easily.

Take a look and see what you think! Click on “Member Dashboard” in the main menu (it is the second item in the Main Menu bar, just to the right of “Home”).

The Member Dashboard includes links to the main features for your membership level, including the KAL area, Photo Gallery, Personal Bookmarked Favorites, etc.

You can further customize your links by using the Bookmark feature on most any page/post of the site. This allows you to manage your own personal List of Favorites. I think this has been an overlooked feature although it has been available for a long time. I myself didn’t really appreciate how useful it could be until recently.

What else will help you enjoy your time at KnitHeartStrings and get around the site more easily?

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