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Heirloom EasyCare 8-ply Yarn
A DK weight yarn in soft natural fibers that is made from high quality merino/merino cross wool, with a cable twist for extra durability. This superwash cable-twist yarn is incredibly soft and bouncy with a memory, and yet will last a lifetime. 50g ball/approx 110 yards. Plan for sweaters at 5½ sts per inch on knitting needles size 6 US/4mm; or for socks at 6½ sts per inch on needles size 2 US/3mm.
Price: $6.00
Design :
Gemstone Lace Needles
Gemstone heart lace knitting needles in size 4/0 US (1.25 mm). 2 needles per set. Please make your selection of end cap in the drop-down list.

Not for knitters only. Use a gemstone lace needle as an old-fashioned hat pin!
Price: $12.00
Endcap Option :
Sock Blockers
Sock blockers that are both beautiful and practical! These were designed and handmade exclusively for HeartStrings. They have a unique design that is functional at both ends to accommodate 2 sock foot sizes. Made of non-warping laminated hardwoods, beveled edges, sealed with four hand rubbed coats of polyurethane, and polished to a mirror finish.

These blockers are a work of beauty for display even when not being used to block socks! Sets are available in 3 sizes. Each set comes with 2 sock blockers in the same size.
Available Qty: 14
Price: $29.95
Size :
Hemstitched Linen Handkerchief
Finest pure white Ulster 100% Irish linen handkerchief with narrow 1/8" hem and decorative hemstitching. 10½" square. Exquisite true Irish linen is worth your money and time to make an heirloom for someone special.

This handkerchief is ready for you to embroider or add your own handmade lace edgings. The narrow hemstitched hem makes the ideal basis for a crocheted, knitted, or tatted lace trim.
Price: $16.50
Purple Hyacinth (Egyptian) Bean Vine Seeds
Beautiful green vine with delicate pink flowers. When mature, pods turn to a shiny, magenta (2-3"). Blooms and pods are useful as cut flowers; pods may also be dried.
Each seed pack contains 4 - 5 pods (approximately 10 - 12 seeds total).
Label information for Jackie and the Beanstalk Magic Seeds
Fast-growing annual with flowering 10' - 15' vine. Grow in full sun in a moist, nutrient rich, well-drained soil. Pretty purple flowers bloom summer through fall. After flowers bloom, bright purple pods will form.
To plant: Remove seeds from pods. After threat of frost, plant seeds 1/2" deep and 6" apart. Allow 2 - 3 weeks to germinate. As a vine, they need some type of support to climb. I just planted the seeds near my fence and they found their way by themselves.
Price: $4.00
Beeswax Cake
This hand-poured 1 oz. Beeswax Cake from a local Colorado beekeeper makes a pretty addition to your sewing/knitting basket, and so useful, too. It is pure refined 100% Beeswax with natural alfalfa honey scent. Smooths wooden/bamboo needles, strengthens thread for beading/sewing/quilting, and much more. The slightly sweet, flower scent is soothing, too. Priced right to get one for yourself and some more to gift friends.
Available Qty: 11
Price: $2.00

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  1. June says:

    I wear a 6.5 shoe and my Sister wears a size 7.What size sock blockers should we order? Thank You

  2. Cockatoo says:

    These Beeswax cakes are wonderful. I’m ordering a few more. Hope you’re going to keep these as a permanent offering in your store here!

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