Bonus: Adapting Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket Pattern to Make a Stole

Monika H. wrote: “Do you have a pattern for the feather and fan as a straight stole? I got 800m of 100% varigated color silk yarn (using 3mm-3.5mm k ndls) and no pattern. Thanks!

Outline for Adapting Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket Pattern to Make a Stole

You can easily adapt the Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket pattern to a rectangular stole made with your yarn. Here’s an outline — 

Step 1. Determine measurement of a single 15-stitch multiple.

Tip: Make a gauge swatch using just 2 multiples of the stitch pattern as we practiced for the Elegantly Simple Bookmark. Work enough rows to get a reasonably accurate measurement. Then measure the width from side edge to side edge and divide by 2.

Example calculation: (4″ wide( divided by (2) = 2″ for a single 15-stitch multiple.

Step 2. Decide how wide you want your stole.

Tip: This is a matter of personal taste. For stoles, I like anywhere from 14″ wide (for heavier yarns) to 24″ (for lighter weight yarns).

Example calculation: Let’s say you decide you want your stole to be 20″ wide.

Step 3. Divide desired stole width by measurement of a single 15-stitch multiple to determine number of stitch multiples needed.

Example calculation: (20″ stole width) divided by (2″ per single 15-stitch multiple) = 10 stitch multiples will be needed.

Tip: If your calculation for this step results in a fraction, round up to the next higher whole number if you don’t mind the stole being a bit wider OR ignore the fraction for a bit narrower stole.

Step 4: Multiply number of stitch multiples needed times 15 stitches to get number of stitches to cast on.

Example calculation: (10 stitch multiples will be needed) times (15 stitches) = 150 stitches to cast on.

Step 5: After casting on, continue as instructed in the Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket pattern until desired length for your stole (or until you are just about out of yarn), then complete as for the baby blanket.

Need Help?

If you have questions or need help with the calculations in Steps 3 and 4, just let me know.

Have fun and knit elegantly simple!



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2 Responses to Bonus: Adapting Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket Pattern to Make a Stole

  1. jewel Johnson says:

    I just completed the elegantly simple baby blanket. how do I bind off to make the top and bottom of the blanket match?

  2. Francesca Reitano says:

    This is so helpful! Feather and fan is a timeless stitch pattern.

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