Bonus Step-by-step Technique: Gathered Woven Closure

The Gathered Woven Closure results in a tidy, snug finish for circularly knitted items that decrease to a few stitches. These step-by-step photos show how.

Last month I mentioned that you could do a Gathered Woven Closure for securing the last few stitches at the top of the preemie hat in a circular manner. It is a technique that results in a tidy, snug closure. It wasn’t something that was critical to do for the preemie hat, but I threw it out there as a possibility to try if you wanted to.

This is a technique you might also want to use on the Pretty Awesome Yarn Pouch. I took the opportunity to take photos while completing the Yarn Pouch that I have been knitting along with you this month. If the description of how to do the Gathered Woven Closure on my HeartStringsFiberArts site is too pithy for you, this detailed photo step-by-step is for you.

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p.s. The Gathered Woven Closure technique is also wonderful for closing off the last few stitches of round sock toes such as the spiral/swirl decrease. The woven alternation of front vs. back makes the closure stronger and flatter. Something especially important for good wearing socks!

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3 Responses to Bonus Step-by-step Technique: Gathered Woven Closure

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  2. JoKaren Macaulay says:

    This makes such a nice neat closure. Thanks for the tip!!

  3. Pat says:

    I am so used to running the yarn through these sts twice but had not done the second pass in this way. I will have to try it on a future project. Thank you for a new tip.

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