Words about Completing the Mini Flag

Behind the Design Scene of the Mini Lace and Beaded Flag

To wrap up April’s KAL, I want to mention a few finishing touches about completing the little U.S. flag.

Mini Lace and Beaded Flag

Mini Lace and Beaded Flag

An SSK and K2TOG Decrease in the Last Row

The last pattern row (i.e. row 54) starts with an ssk decrease and ends with a k2tog decrease. This begins the “bind off” of the tubular edging by doubling the stitches to flatten the top of the tubes and avoids the corner stitches flaring out oddly on the actual bind off row.

Reverse Stockinette Bound Off Edge

The last row is RS, but most stitches on the row are purled to start the reverse stockinette ridge that will help control curling of the edge. Then the bind off (which is made from the WS) is intentionally specified to be done in knit stitch. Together these are a technique similar to what was discussed when beginning the flag.

The Natural Bias Knitting Truth

The scalloping of a natural bias stitch pattern is more pronounced along the (bottom) cast on edge than it is along the top edge if you just bind off regularly stitch-for-stitch.

This truth has always seemed anti-intuitive to me. But it is just one of those little facts of fiber life. Therefore, to┬áretain a look-alike waviness along the bound off edge (i.e. similar to cast on edge), the mini flag uses a special bind off stitch pattern technique to enhance the scallops. I’ll expand upon this in the next article segment coming soon.

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