Petit Scallop Edging

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Long Tail Beaded Cast On

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Judy’s Straw Trick

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Edging Options

Tea-time Serviette begins at the outer edge and is knit circularly toward the center. The pattern includes instructions for a delightful Beaded Petit Scallop Edging (shown in the middle of the below photo). I’ll be posting photo tutorials soon to demonstrate and provide more detail about the Long Tail Beaded Cast On and Petit Scallop Edging.

But first, I wanted to cover other edging options, as it will affect how you begin your project. You might prefer one of these options if you don’t want to use beads, or if you want something simpler, quicker and less involved.

edging options

Upper: Un-beaded petit scallop edging
Middle (dyed): Beaded petit scallop edging
Lower: Beaded without petit scallop edging

Plain Petit Scallop Edging

The sample shown at the top of the photo is the Petit Scallop Edging without beads. If you choose this option, please mark your pattern as follows -

  • Skip over the part about stringing beads onto your project thread.
  • Start your project with a plain long tail cast on and the same number of stitches indicated in the pattern (i.e. 220 stitches).
    Tip: Do the cast on loosely since you don’t have beads to force you to space out your stitches! This will also facilitate you being able to work the first row of the petit scallop edging more easily.
  • In the Petit Scallop Edging section, skip over the Set-up row.

Then proceed as given from there.

Plain Beaded Edging

The sample shown at the bottom of the photo is a beaded cast without the petit scallops. Because of the slight bias in the Center Area stitch pattern, you still auto-magically get broad scallops along the edge. This fluted edge can be further enhanced during the blocking. For more about bias, read Bias Effects in Lace Patterning.

If you choose this option, please mark your pattern as follows -

  • String only 172 beads.
  • Cast on only 172 stitches, sliding a bead into pace after every cast on stitch.
    Tip: The reason the original pattern instructions have you place beads every 4 out of 5 stitches is because that bead sequence anticipates working the petit scallops.
  • Join into a round for circular knitting, taking care not to twist stitches. Then purl 1 round, placing 4 markers evenly spaced; i.e. every 43 stitches.
    Tip: The plain purl round offsets the main Center Area pattern and also helps tame the edge from curling once blocked.
  • Skip over the entire Petit Scallop Edging section.

Then proceed from the Center Area section as given.

Plain Un-Beaded Edging

This option is not pictured, but basically it will look like the Plain Beaded Edging without beads! Proceed as for the Plain Beaded Edging option except omit the beads.

What is your option?

Let us know what Edging option you are planning to do. Can’t decide? There’s time to do them all if you want. The project knits up relatively quickly (the edging is probably the most time-consuming portion if you add beads and/or do the petit scallops). What do you think?

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Choosing thread/yarn if you plan to dye

The idea of featuring tea time dyeing in one of my designs has been brewing for years! I’m thrilled to finally be sharing it with you for this month’s KAL of Tea-Time Serviette.

Tea gives fibers a tan or light brown color, thus shifting a stark white into a vintage look. Tea dyeing can also be used to soften bright colors, or to harmonize a variegated thread into closer tonal values in which lace usually shows better.

Dyeing with tea is definitely not difficult. The necessary supplies are easy to get, too (i.e. tea bags, a bowl and water).


But I do want to make sure you get started in the right direction by choosing a suitable thread/yarn if you plan to dye.

Fiber Choices

The most critical step to successful tea dyeing is your thread choice. Continue reading

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April Prize Giveaway

Ready for another giveaway?

I’m pleased to offer another specially prepared prize for you wonderful members of KnitHeartStrings. The April giveaway is Jaggerspun Zephyr silk/wool yarn in vibrant Garnet Red, plus a full-color printed and autographed shawl pattern. Read more about the prize here.

2014 April Prize Drawing for Jaggerspun Zephyr lace yarn and shawl pattern

Jaggerspun Zephyr yarn is a favorite of lace knitters. If you’ve used Zephyr before, you already know the treat that is in store for you. If you haven’t tried this yarn yet, be prepared to be thrilled with how pleasant it is to knit and wear.

Want to win? Simply hop on over to the Monthly Prize Giveaway page to read about the different ways you can rack up entries. The random drawing to determine winner will be held on May 1, 2014. Good luck!

Zephyr-in-a-net from HeartStrings

p.s. Zephyr Lace Yarn in choice of colors is also available for sale in the HeartStrings Online store.

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Kicking off April Tea Time

Janey W wrote: “That Tea-time Serviette has me sorely tempted already! Roll on April.

For April’s KAL, I am going to tempt you with Tea-time Serviette. The KAL will officially begin April 5th and I will have the KAL page for Tea-time Serviette available beginning that day in the Knit-A-Longs area of the site. Meantime, you can get your supplies together to be ready to knit and dye. More information and the Shopping List is on the Next Up KAL page.

Tea-time Serviette

The pattern will be offered to general membership at special KAL discounts beginning April 5th. Premium Level members have early access now via the Ravelry Library Delivery option.

Sneak Peek at Extras for April’s KAL

Tea Time napkin doily coasterI’ve got extras in store for KAL members this month, too. Don’t want to use beads? Want something simpler … or smaller … or quicker? I’ve got you covered.

Besides the napkin as given in the pattern instructions, I will be showing several variations and giving guidance on how you can knit those, too, if you want.

Winner of the March Prize Drawing

I hope everyone had a good time in March’s KAL. The lucky winner of the prize drawing is … TA DA … Susan Barnhorst!

Susan receives a special edition kit that includes Black Watch yarn (it’s the very last ball of what I had set it aside specifically for this prize, even though I could have sold it ten times over at least, lol!). The Kit also includes a full color printed and autographed copy of the new Spring Raindrops pattern plus 30g Miyuki beads in choice of “raindrops” colors.


Thank you everyone for participating in the March KAL and Giveaway.

I’ll be posting about the prize for April’s giveaway soon. I can’t wait to show you!

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