Lace-Like Non-Lace

I call the method used to make this stitch “cross looped”. It’s lace-like because of it’s openness, but not technically lace. I guess we will refer to it as non-lace lace.

How are you coming along on this month’s KAL for the Market Bag? Sorry I have been more quiet than usual — Been tied up with things to help John (my man-friend) through his eye surgeries. He is doing great now and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

But anyway, back to the Market Bag KAL. I wanted to share some comments and technique pointers, whether you are knitting the bag now or might be later on.

Netting Similar to Filet Lace

Crossed Loop Market Bag

Crossed Loop Market Bag

As I explained earlier in the month, this is not technically lace. There are no yarn overs, yet it results in an openwork stitch that looks like it might be lace.

In fact, it rather resembles a netting similar to the filet lace we knit earlier this year for the I Heart Filet Lace scarf, don’t you think?

The double-height elongated twisted is the reason for this open look. It also contributes to vertical strength, which is obviously a good feature in a bag. SuzyStitches on Ravelry commented: “It appears to be a very strong bag, the crossed loop stitch looks much like chain link fence to me.”

Self-Joining Tubular Casing

The bag begins at the stop for the drawstring casing. You cast on double the amount of stitches that will eventually be used for the bag.

The technique of using alternating slipped-stitches in the pattern for making the tubular casing results in a 2-sided fabric.

The self-joining step avoids seaming, which instead is simply done with k2tog stitches all around.

Eyelet Openings in the Casing for the Drawstrings

On row 6 while doing the Tubular Casing, there is a somewhat complicated-looking set of instructions. Basically you are just making simple eyelets (i.e. yo, k2tog) through which the drawstring handles can later be threaded. But there are extra steps in between because of stitches that need to be slipped and exchanged positions to maintain the integrity of the 2-sided fabric. Just trust me and do what it says.

Closing the Bag Bottom with 3-Needle Bind Off

The bottom of the bag is secured with the sturdy 3-needle bind off technique. It’s a great technique to provide a sturdy join without sewing.

Drawstring Handles

The pattern includes instructions to make handles using the I-cord technique. In previous KAL’s we made a short length of I-cord as the stem in the Bits of Lace Oak Leaf and the stem of the Little Beaded Pumpkin. But for this bag, you have to knit a LOT of I-cord. If it gets too boring, you can always use some pre-made cords or heavy string, lol.

 Market Mesh Bag




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2 Prize Giveaways for July

Yes, that is plural — there are 2 prizes for July! I am feeling generous (and thankful), as have so many of our KnitHeartStrings members been in their participation, sharing and support. I couldn’t keep KnitHeartStrings going without you!

Comment to this post to let me know which kit you’d like to win. Then get your prize drawing entries in before the end of this month (info here). If you are drawn as a winner, I’ll give priority to your preferred prize.

Prize #1: Kool Aid Dyeing Socks Kit

Kool-Aid Socks Kit

Kool-Aid Socks Kit

Kit includes –

  • 2 dyeing skeins of yarn at 100 yards each for a total of 3 oz/200 yards. Yarn is Henry’s Attic Kona Superwash, 100% Merino wool. There’s enough yarn to knit 2 pair of small child-size socks OR 1 pair adult socks.
  • 8 packages of unsweetened soft drink mix for dyeing in assorted colors.
  • Personally autographed, hard-copy pattern for #T306 Kool-Aid Kidz Socks. Pattern includes complete instructions for dyeing with Kool-Aid. Also instructions for knitting children’s socks in sizes 2 – 8 years. These socks feature the Peasant Heel by Catherine Wingate. This heel style is easy to replace if worn out.
  • Clear drawstring project bag.

Prize #2: Teddy Bear Kit

Teddy Bear Kit Contents

Teddy Bear Kit Contents

Kit includes –

  • Pattern for a Knitted Teddy Bear including technique instructions for
    - double knitting a tubular, 2-sided fabric on straight needles for the legs, body and arms
    - knitting in the round on double point needles (for beginning and ending the head)
    - short row knitting (for shaping the face)
  • 50g/170 yd skein of Lane Borgosesia sport weight yarn 83% wool/10% mohair/7% acrylic yarn. Enough to knit a soft and slightly “furry” teddy bear with the yarn doubled or 2 slightly smaller teddy bears with yarn used singly (along with appropriately sized needles as explained in the pattern).
  • All-natural 100% wool roving for stuffing your bear(s)
  • A baby bear birth certificate that you can fill out for gifting: name of bear, date, your name as knitter (i.e. the doctor who delivered baby, lol), and height/weight
  • Clear drawstring project bag

To Participate in the July Prize Giveaway

Remember to comment to this post to let me know which kit you’d like to win. Then get your entries in (info here). If you are drawn as a winner, I’ll give priority to your preferred prize. I hope one of the winners will be YOU – Good luck!

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Shopping List for July KAL

This little knitting bag went to market …

Summer brings to mind the start of harvest bounty and farmer’s markets where local fresh fruits and vegetables fill the stalls. For July’s project KAL, we make a colorful string bag for eco-friendly shopping trips to your favorite fresh markets.

Crossed Loop Market Bag

Crossed Loop Market Bag

This colorful string bag scrunches down to next to nothing until needed. Then expands to  an amazing size to accommodate your market purchases, corral fiber and yarn, or whatever. It’s a great bag to take to the beach or poolside, too.

Beyond BOBBOL with Non-Lace

I promised that some projects in this year’s KAL series will go beyond lace and beads to try new things in other areas. This month’s stitch pattern technique is one of those “beyond”.

The knitting for the market bag goes quickly because the main pattern stitch is a nifty elongated twisted stitch that is at least double the height of a normal stitch. I call the method used to make this stitch “cross looped”. It’s lace-like because of it’s openness, but not technically lace. I guess we will refer to it as non-lace lace, lol.

You’ll also be guided step-by-step with skill-building instructions for making a self-joining tubular casing for the drawstring I-cord handles.

Pattern Availability

Crossed Loop Market Bag pattern cover page

Crossed Loop Market Bag pattern cover page

Crossed Loop Market Bag pattern will be available for purchase at a special 50% off discount for Free Limited Content members from July 5 – 25 in the Knit-A-Longs area of the site. Note: Premium and Basic level members will be able to download the pattern for free as part of your paid subscription membership.

All members have free access to member-only support articles for the KAL. So even if you decide to not purchase the discounted pattern this month (which is the option on a Limited Content plan), I hope you will take advantage of the tutorials, tips & techniques articles to inspire and advance your knitting skills.

Note: Premium Level members have early access to the July KAL pattern. Check the Premium Area for your coupon code to get Ravelry delivery (coupon expires July 31, 2014).

Shopping List

In the pattern, there are instructions for 2 sizes:

Little Shopper – approximately 20″ opening

Big Shopper – approximately 30″ opening

Instructions for Big Shopper follow in parentheses when different from Little Shopper.

I suggest making the smaller size of the market bag. Believe me, it will be large enough for most any of your needs. But the larger size is also offered for those with gargantuan fiber stashes or whatever, lol.

Overall size is pretty hard to specify, as by nature of the crossed loop stitch, the bag can collapse down to almost nothing but also widen extraordinarily!

I haven’t specified a gauge for that reason, and it really doesn’t matter for this article anyway. This is just a fun project, so dive right in.

For the yardage calculation, I have allowed for a 20” length, but it’s easy to shorten or lengthen your bag as you like.

You’ll need:

  • String or firm cotton yarn such as size 5 or 10 crochet thread, 5/2 pearl cotton, lightweight carpet warp, etc. or equivalent in a firmly twisted 2- or 3- ply handspun —

For body of bag: 250 (375) yards, approximately 2 (31⁄2) oz / 60 (90) g — a multicolor yarn is striking and fun to work with, but of course a solid color can also be used.

For I-cord handles: 50 yards — can be the same yarn or a coordinating solid color.

  • Size 3 or 4 needles —

16″ (16″ to 24) length circular needle

Pair of double-point needles (used for I-cord handles)

Optional: I-cord knitting machine

Note: Instead of knitting the I-cord handles, you could crochet a similar cording or purchase already-made cording. I won’t be specifically covering these specifically alternatives, but just wanted to mention for those who might not want to knit a bunch of I-cord.

An Invitation to Join Us for KnitHeartStrings KAL’s

I hope you will join us to knit and learn along for Crossed Loop Market Bag as part of the Beyond BOBBOL series. If you are not yet a member of KnitHeartStrings, you can Join Here. There is lots of good knitting to come for 2014 Beyond BOBBOL!

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Bonus: Adapting Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket Pattern to Make a Stole

Monika H. wrote: “Do you have a pattern for the feather and fan as a straight stole? I got 800m of 100% varigated color silk yarn (using 3mm-3.5mm k ndls) and no pattern. Thanks!

Outline for Adapting Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket Pattern to Make a Stole

You can easily adapt the Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket pattern to a rectangular stole made with your yarn. Here’s an outline –  Continue reading

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June KAL Discount Offers Period Extended

– June KAL: Charity Knitting Made Simply Elegant –

I’m running behind this month. Maybe you are, too? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that the discount offers on the bonus Elegantly Simple Triangle Shawl pattern have been extended through June 30th! Get 50% – 100% off as a KnitHeartStrings member.

Elegantly Simple Triangle Shawl

Elegantly Simple Triangle Shawl

June KAL Support Articles

These support articles are available to help you learn and practice the beautiful stitch pattern used in both the charity knitting Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket and the Elegantly Simple Triangle Shawl:

Easy 1-2-3 Pattern Outline for Elegantly Simple Bookmark
I hope you enjoy knitting this little bookmark as much as I do, and that it will get you off to a good start in practicing to make the larger baby blanket or shawl.

Elegantly Simple Bookmark

Elegantly Simple Feather and Fan Shetland Lace
Feather and fan lace is popular because it looks complicated, but usually is easy to knit. For the Elegantly Simple KAL, we have both elegant and simple.

Elegantly Simple Feather and Fan Lace Stitch

If you are a visual person, these step-by-step photo tutorials are for you:

Photo tutorial: Left Slanting Triple Decrease

completed left slanting triple decrease

click for left slanting triple decrease photo tutorial

- Right Slanting Triple Decrease

completed right slanting triple decrease

click for right slanting triple decrease photo tutorial

June Prize Giveaway

In keeping with the summer heat-up, June’s prize is a specially-prepared Red Hots Anklets Kit. Besides yarn and pattern to knit these fun socks, I’ve sweetened the deal with Red Hots candy and a lovely fluted candy bowl.

Since June is charity knitting focus month at KnitHeartStrings, you can also earn additional giveaway entries for each knitted item you donate to your choice of worthwhile cause. More details on the Prize Giveaway page.

Red Hot Summer Knitting Kit

June Prize Giveaway: Red Hot Summer Knitting Kit

Any questions? Just give me a shout-out. Happy knitting, 
Jackie E-S


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Step-by-step Right Slanting Triple Decrease

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Elegantly Simple Left Slanting Triple Decrease

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