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The online Store on KnitHeartStringsĀ brings you knitting patterns for original designs from the Jackie E-S Collections published by HeartStrings FiberArts. PDF patterns are instant delivery. Pay and get immediate access for viewing and downloading anytime you want.

In addition to knitting patterns, please browse the store for special-purchase and sometimes hard-to-find supplies to use in your own fiber art creations.

NEW PRODUCT UPDATE: The newest additions to the product line-up are now available for convenient viewing and your shopping pleasure.

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Bits of Lace Collection e-Patterns
Knitted lace edgings are a beautiful addition to garments, linens, and accessories. Because these trims are typically done on just a few stitches. This collection also includes other small projects with lacy elements. Each project will take just a small amount of materials and time.
Kits (pattern included)
Kits include hard-copy printed pattern and all the materials conveniently collected together for you to make one of the HeartStrings projects.
Winter Holidays Collection e-Patterns
Knitting patterns for winter holidays to dress up your home, your gifts and yourself.
Bits of Beads Collection e-Patterns
Small projects for knitting with beads in a variety of techniques.
Premium PDF Articles
Popular Articles for Convenient Download and Reference in PDF format on your iPad, computer or wherever. These PDF articles can be downloaded by Premium Level members at no charge. Also available for purchase and download by others for $1 up.
Supplies Paks (pattern not included)
Supplies Paks include all the materials conveniently collected together for you to make one of the HeartStrings projects. These are a good option if you already have the pattern or want to make more than one without having to buy a second kit that includes the pattern in its price. NOTE: PATTERN NOT INCLUDED. Please purchase downloadable e-Pattern separately.
Fall Favorites e-Patterns
Knitting patterns for fall holidays and special occasions
Bits of Lace 2012 Collection e-Patterns
All project patterns in the Bits of Lace 2012 Series.
Knitted lace edgings are a beautiful addition to garments, linens, and accessories. Because these trims are typically done on just a few stitches, each project takes just a small amount of materials and time.
BOBBOL 2013 Collection e-Patterns
All project patterns in the BOBBOL 2013 Series.
BOBBOL stands for Bits of Beads/Bits of Lace, and expands the popular Bits of Lace 2012 Series with additional types of small lace projects and the addition of projects for building skills in beading. Some projects are lace, some are beads, and some are both. There is something for everyone.
Enhance and personalize your space with the color and character of these quality textiles.
Miyuki high quality beads for your knitting, crochet and other fine craft projects. These Japanese-manufactured seed beads are the most consistently uniform, smooth and have the most stable colors/finishes of those I have worked and designed with.
BEYOND BOBBOL 2014 and 2015 Series e-Patterns
Beyond BOBBOL 2014 carries on the tradition of learn-and-knit-a-longs for small projects while learning and practicing in bit-sized steps. For 2014 and 2015, we are set to go Beyond BOBBOL with projects to refine our skills in lace and beads, and add new ones.
For Baby
Whether for your own child, a grandchild, a friend's child, for charity, or just the child in you, each and every one of these HeartStrings patterns give you the opportunity to knit a gift from the heart.
Home Decor e-Patterns
Bring beauty and comfort to your living spaces with these HeartStrings knitting patterns to decorate your home and accessorize your personal lifestyle.
Jewelry e-Patterns
HeartStrings patterns for knitted jewelry make gift giving easy. These small items work up quickly and can be easily personalized for individual tastes in color and bling.

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  5. Beverly says:

    My computer will not let me download the free January lesson even though I did everything right. I was able to download the December lesson last month so can’t figure out what is different.

    • jackiees says:

      I have not even changed software on the server here. I don’t know what could be different on your computer either. Have you tried re-booting (maybe there is just something that is overloading your computer at the moment), then re-try. Have you tried downloading via the Ravelry method?

  6. Marie says:

    I was of the understanding the leaf patterns were free. Is this not correct. I can’t seem to download them.

    • jackiees says:

      Members can download the free pattern of the month from the page link under the Free Membership Pattern menu item. As you can see, this page that you are writing from is the Store (i.e. where patterns are sold, and are available for purchase by non-members as well).

  7. joy says:

    i am logged into the site but i can’t get the pattern to download. or even find a place to choose download. what am i doing wrong?

    • jackiees says:

      You don’t have to be logged in to buy stuff in the Store.

      But as a logged in member, if you are looking for the place to download the free-to-members pattern project for the current month, click under the Menu item for “Free Membership Pattern”.

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