BEYOND BOBBOL 2014 and 2015 e-Patterns

Project patterns in the Beyond BOBBOL 2014 Series.

Beyond BOBBOL 2014 carries on the tradition of learn-and-knit-a-longs for small projects while learning and practicing in bit-sized steps. For 2014, we are set to go Beyond BOBBOL with projects to refine our skills in lace and beads, and add new ones.

Learn to improve your lace knitting skills and learn bead knitting techniques with these small, doable projects. As a member of KnitHeartStrings, you get free access to tips, techniques & tutorials for any of these patterns you purchase.

Americana Placemat
Knit a bit of fictional history with this 39-star placemat size version of a red, white and blue flag. The lacy feather and fan stripes symbolize the flag waving in the breeze. The 5-pointed stars are created with a nifty combination of knit stitch and simple embroidery.

Note: This Americana pattern is not an actual U.S. flag, nor makes any claims to be. Out of reverence, of course you would want to protect and care for it as you would any of the precious items you knit.

Price: $7.00
Beaded Basket Weave Mosaic Hat
Do you love beads and glitz? Then this one is for you. Although the colorwork might appear involved, the slip-stitch color knitting is simple because you only need to handle one yarn color at a time.

The beads give an added depth of color and look of complexity to an otherwise simple beaded knitting technique.
Price: $6.50
Crossed Loop Market Bag e-Pattern
Make a colorful string bag for your next eco-friendly shopping trip. A bag that scrunches down to next to nothing until needed; then expands to accommodate more fiber stash purchases or whatever. It's a great bag to take to the beach or poolside, too!

Price: $6.00
Elegantly Simple Triangle Shawl e-Pattern
This shawl is knit in one of those lovely laces based on the Shetland feather and fan stitch. There is so much movement and interest in the pattern that it may look more difficult to do than it really is. Starting at the tip of the shawl and increasing to whatever width you want, it becomes a lovely fan-shaped neck scarf, shoulder wrap, or full-size shawl. The bound-off long edge can be finished in your choice of dramatic points or graceful scallops.

Size to desired length/width (length will be half of width). Guidelines for laceweight yarn – 200 yards for 32" wide, 600 yards for 54", 1000 yards for 72", 6 stitches/inch, size US 5 / 3.75 mm needles suggested. Easily adjusts to other weights of yarn with corresponding adjustment in needle size and yardage.

Price: $7.00
Fab Bead Egg e-Pattern
Fab Bead Eggs is a Faberge inspired knitting pattern for beaded 3-dimensional egg shape whimsies.

These eggs do not pretend to approach the magnificence of true Faberge, yet you can take pride in them as your own little works of art. Undoubtedly, you'll impress everyone with your bead-sparkly creativity. Besides, they are simply fun to knit and display.

Also available separately without pattern: Supplies Pak to make a Fab Bead Egg

Price: $6.00
I Heart Filet Lace e-Pattern
Knit this short ascot-like scarf and wear a heart on your heart. The knitted lace mesh simulates the look of filet lace crochet or darned netting, but is actually knitted. A boldly outlined heart motif at each of end of the scarf is set against the background of lace mesh.
Price: $6.00
Irish Coffee Cozy e-Pattern
Go Green while celebrating luck and laughter in the Irish tradition. Basic knit stitch and an easy beading technique combine to make this cup huggie quick and fun to knit.

Price: $5.50
Lace Embellished Towel
With this pretty lace edging, you can turn an ordinary towel into something extraordinary. Whether you make it for yourself or a gift for someone else, I promise that your lace-edged towel will have a special place in the heart and home.
Price: $6.00
Lacy Maizy e-Pattern
Lacy Maizy features crisp outlines of cable stitches against a lace background to resemble ears of corn and give a nod to maize yarn.
Price: $6.50
Lacyflake #1
Snow is beautiful, especially when you can stay warm and cuddly indoors while knitting snowflakes. This small snowflake medallion starts at the center and grows in lacy rounds until completed with a free-form lace bind off technique.
Price: $5.50
Precious Treasures e-Pattern (a.k.a. Lorna's Light)
Fine, fancy lace knitting beadwork transforms into beautiful necklace purse jewelry.

Instructions are also included to knit the same pattern stitches into either of two bookmark styles.

Price: $6.50
Spring (a.k.a. Narrow) Lace Leaves Scarf e-Pattern
Get ready for spring with this delightful end-to-end Lace Leaves scarf with knit-as-you-go edging. The scarf is knitted from end to end in one piece. It makes up quickly and will be a nice treat for those on your gift list, or even yourself.

Price: $6.00
Tea-time Serviette e-Pattern
Tea-time Serviette gives double meaning to tea time. After knitting the lace, dye it with tea for a vintage look. Then add the pretty lace napkin to your tea service for a nostalgic setting.

This design features a petit scalloped edging, optional beaded cast on, circular knitting from outer edge to center to create a square that lies flat, and tea dyeing.

Price: $6.50

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