Facial Features vs. Featureless

For my design of Kitty In Your Lap Towel, I left the facial features to the viewer’s imagination. I usually like the minimalist approach when it comes to adding facial features vs. not, but you might prefer to add them.

For example, here is a knitted bunny without features. Do you miss them? Or can you just imagine them according to your mood?

Knitted Bunny from a Square

Or maybe you feel more comfortable seeing the facial features actually in place such as on this little knitted teddy bear.

Knitted teddy bear

If you’d like to add facial features to your Kitty Towel, you can use tapestry needle and contrasting light weight yarn or thread to embroider eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers. You might want to first try sketching on paper some different positions, eye angles, cat whiskers, etc. that will give your kitty the desired expression.┬áThe various playful cats pictured on this month’s prize giveaway, the “Feline Friends” tea towel, can give you ideas and help as a guide. Have fun!

Feline Friends Irish Linen Towel

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