cable-and-lace edging split cuff Summer Lace Anklets

Summer Lace Anklets is the June project pattern for Bits of Lace 2012. Get it free at the Free Membership Pattern page through June 30, 2012 with your active registered membership to

Summer Lace Anklets begin with a piece of lace edging like we did with the Three Eyelets Sachet (i.e. the straight edge of the lace serves as the foundation along which stitches are picked up to continue the project). The pretty cable-and-lace edging transforms into a turn-down split cuff for an anklet sock.

Of course, if socks are not your thing, feel free to use this pretty cable-and-lace edging in other creative ways.

Summer Lace Anklets are designed for cotton and cotton-blend yarns. This makes them nice for summertime and those who prefer cotton. If you prefer to knit with wool, that will work out just fine, too.

For this Bits of Lace 2012 version of Summer Lace Anklets, I have included a chart for the lace edging (in addition to the written instructions that were in the original 2001 edition of the HeartStrings #A85 Summer Lace Anklets pattern).

So, like the Lace Cable Bookmark pattern last month, you can use either the written or charted instructions (or both) for the lace edging. If you are comfortable with charts now, I encourage you to use them. But if you prefer written instructions, or if you  still need more time and practice to get used to charts, feel free to use the written instructions to help ease your way for enjoyable knitting.

Unlike the Lace Cable Bookmark that used lace eyelets to simulate the look of a crossed-stitch cable, the cable-and-lace edging of Summer Lace Anklets actually has crossed stitches. So for those who were asking about cables, here’s your chance to have your lace and do cables, too!

Stay tuned for follow-up tutorials, tips & techniques on this site. And don’t forget to also visit HeartStrings FiberArts for other inspiration and patterns offered by retailers of Jackie E-S’s designs.

p.s. If you’d like to get yarn like I used to to make my own Summer Lace Anklets, I have yarn packs available for sale. Includes your choice of color combo for the main sock color and the lace trim color. If you need help picking colors, let me know.


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7 Responses to cable-and-lace edging split cuff Summer Lace Anklets

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  2. Debbie says:

    I cannot get the pdf pattern to even open. First problem I have had with this everything else has opened

    • jackiees says:

      The pattern file was prepared the same as all the others. Sorry you are having trouble. Can you please go through the tips in the FAQ I linked to in my reply to someone else in an earlier comment here? (or have someone who can help you there with your computer go thru the trouble-shooting checklist with you). I hope that will help because we want you to be able to join us all in knitting along on this!

  3. stlorenz says:

    I, also, love this site and the wonderful advice we receive here. Sadly, the pattern does not show up on the page for me either.

  4. Trish says:

    Hi! Love the site and want to try cables. This sock looks interesting.
    Anyone else having trouble with the PDF pattern?
    There’s no picture.

    • jackiees says:

      The picture that is on the cover sheet of the pattern is the same as the one that shows up when you click on the picture on this post.

      It sounds like you might have an older version of Adobe pdf reader, or maybe you are trying to open the pdf in your web browser and your browser is not delivering the entire file to you. Make sure you’ve got a recent version of Adobe Reader, and also save the pdf file to your computer and open it from there. There is more information about trouble-shooting your computer problems with pdf files here in the FAQs at the HeartStrings site.

      Does this answer your question? Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

  5. Shirley says:

    This is such a great site for lace fun…Bits of Lace. Cute little snippets of things to try and then later use. Thanks Jackie!

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