It’s time! Lacy Maizy Corn On (oops, Cast On, lol) for August KAL

Nancy H. wrote: ” Just beautiful, as are all of the Jackie ES patterns! “

colorado-high-plains-corn-1024Did you know that corn is used to make yarn? While here in the high plains of Colorado, I love to see the corn fields. I don’t think this corn is destined to make yarn (this is basically cattle country and so the corn is used for feed), but it does make me think of yarn, lol.

So for the August KAL, I thought it would be fun to do a stitch pattern that resembles corn. If you can find yarn that is made from corn (or happen to have some on hand), all the better. But if not, that is ok — there are so many fibers available these days for summertime wearing, e.g. cotton, tencel, rayon.

Lacy Maizy August KAL

For August’s project KAL, Lacy Maizy features crisp outlines of cable stitches against a lace background. This scarf/wrap is named after the semblance of ears of corn in the stitch design as well as the corn fiber yarn in which I originally knitted the sample model shown here.

Lacy Maizy

Lacy Maizy

The cables are carried out to each edge of the wrap, preserving the overall flow of the curving lines. Normally I would not do fringe, but this one called for it – I sort of imagined that the long oval shapes that frame the lace eyelets are like ears of corn, and the fringe is like the corn silk of the tassel.

Special techniques used and described

  • lace patterning on every row
  • cabling with or without a cable needle
  • attaching fringe

I hope you’ll join in. Let’s get to knitting and have fun! Lacy Maizy August KAL

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