Shopping List for September Bits of Lace project

Our upcoming September project for Bits of Lace 2012 showcases a dainty saw-toothed lace edging that you can use to decorate a plain fabric-center doily. This Lace-edged Doily  will look amazing anywhere you want a mini-covering under something to protect furniture while displaying your lace knitting at the same time.

Lace-edged Doily
Lace-edged Doily made with linen hemstitched center and 35/2 bleached linen thread.

The pattern for this Lace-edged Doily will be available in the Free Membership area September 1, 2012 through September 30, 2012. Hope you will be knitting along with us.

I wanted to give you a heads-up now about the materials and supplies you will need so you can be ready to start the project as soon as possible after the pattern goes live. Actually, you’ll only need the first 3 bullet items to begin with, so don’t panic if you don’t have the remaining items right away.

  • 65 yards (60m) fine cotton or linen thread – I used size 35/2 linen for the doily in the above photo; near equivalents are size 30 or 40 crochet/tatting thread or size 12 pearl cotton
  • Size 2/0 US (1.75 mm) knitting needles
  • Small amount of waste thread for provisional cast on
  • 8″ single row hemstitched round cotton or linen fabric center (you can find these at places like Lacis and Handy Hands that sell supplies for tatting and fine crochet)
  • Small tapestry needle with an eye that is just large enough to accommodate your thread
  • Steel crochet hook size 6 or 7 US (approx 1.75 mm)

Please be sure to tell your knitting friends about this. I appreciate you spreading the word to bring the art and skill of knitting lace to as many people as possible!

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4 Responses to Shopping List for September Bits of Lace project

  1. Maryann says:

    thanks ~ lovely pattern that I look forward to working on. upon printing it, the three pages looked complete … but they are actually numbered 1, 2, 4 ? ? ? is there a missing page 3 ?

    • jackiees says:

      There are just 3 pages. Darned if I know why the pdf skipped from page 2 to page 4. I’ll check it out. I was traveling at the time and on another computer without a printer. Perhaps the pdf settings were different or something on that computer. Sorry I myself did not notice that before posting. Thanks for alerting me. I’ll get the pattern page numbering fixed as soon as possible.

  2. Janna says:

    Thank you Jackie, this is beautiful!

  3. Elise Rimmeli says:


    Can you give us an idea of the yardage required so we can order enough?

    Thanks, Elise

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