Slight Change to September Schedule

Just a quick status update for the upcoming Lace-edged Doily pattern that I said was planned to post tomorrow, September 1.

Reality has caught up with me and I wanted to let you know I am running a bit late. Blame it on the distraction of hurricane Isaac — it was really hard for me to concentrate on much of anything this week. Fortunately, things are much better than they could have been from the possible effects from the storm’s wind and flooding. I am safe, damage to my house seems minimal, and I will return home soon.

Currently I am working hard to catch up on things, including getting the pattern for this month’s Bits of Lace project posted as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

p.s. Meantime, until I can get the Lace-Edged Doily posted to the free membership pattern area for the September project, I will leave the Spiraling Diamonds Towel pattern for August available there. Let all of your knitting friends know to sign up for Bits of Lace as they might still be able to grab the August pattern before I take it down.

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2 Responses to Slight Change to September Schedule

  1. Joy says:

    Jackie you are amazing to have stuck so close to schedule!

    Happy you and yours are safe and relatively undamaged. Best of luck with the clean-up!

  2. Sheilah Reidburn says:

    You really got it down there, didn’t you. Take care and we will enjoy the new pattern when you are ready!

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