Upcoming project schedule for October: a change and a surprise

I’m changing the upcoming project schedule for Bits of Lace – I hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone. Instead of the Lace-Edged Hanky, I’ve got a small, seasonal project planned for you instead in October. For now I am keeping it a surprise! 

We’ve just had 2 relatively involved projects back-to-back. I want to keep Bits of Lace fun and relaxed rather than just hurrying through a pre-defined schedule for the sake of getting to the end. Fun and relaxed makes participating and learning easier for both me and you, lol.

So, I am going to defer the Lace-edged Hanky project until a later date (probably as part of the 2013 project series). Is that ok with you?

For now I am going to keep the October project a surprise, but of course I won’t be surprised if you try to guess. Hint: It is something seasonal for Fall. :)

Meantime, I hope you are progressing well with the Lace-edged Doily. Watch for additional articles to be posted during the next week+. There are some more learning points that are intrinsic to the design of this project that I am looking forward to sharing with you.

p.s. I will keep the Lace-edged Doily pattern available for free download to members a bit into October since I was a few days late in posting it this month — thanks for your patience!. But I do plan to get the new October project posted in time to start at the beginning of the month. So for those who have already completed or near-completed with the doily, don’t be worried that you will be kept waiting for the pattern.

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7 Responses to Upcoming project schedule for October: a change and a surprise

  1. Ellie says:

    I can’t picture a lace pumpkin or autumn leaves, so I guess I’ll have to wait like evryone else. it’s just a week till October!

  2. lkepstein says:

    Honestly, I am excited and disappointed at the same time. For me, I would rather have had the lace edged hankie for example instead of the lace edged doily for example, as it’s more applicable to my wants and needs. However, all of the projects and instructions are very appreciated, and again many thanks for sharing them with us. Looking forward to learning even more!

  3. Pat says:

    Teasing and tantalizing us at the same time! Can’t wait to see what delightful project you come up with. Lace is fun to knit and you make it both challenging and easy.

    Fall project…hmmm, probably not a lace turkey!

  4. Mary Mauz says:

    No problem deferring the hankie edge. I am anticipating the new project while making slow progress on the circular doily

  5. Julia Mason says:

    I can’t wait to see what it is!

  6. Laurel Robbins says:

    Ooo – I can’t wait to see what October’s project is. I love surprises!

  7. Janet says:

    Good idea! And I always like surprises……

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