Reading and Keeping Your Place in Lace Charts – Redux

We had a lot of great tips posted about people’s favorite ways of reading a lace chart and keeping their place in the chart. Thank you for sharing!

If you have not already read the Keeping Your Place in a Chart comments, I encourage you to do so now. You never know when a new idea, or even an idea you had not thought of in a while, can come in handy to make your knitting easier and more enjoyable.

Here’s one  I had not thought of. See, I am always learning more, too! Thanks to Leslie for the idea of

“using a cookie sheet as my magnetic chart stand”.

I currently don’t have any cookie sheets that are magnetic (I only have some old aluminum ones), so I’ve put on my shopping list to get a stainless steel one that is (e.g. like this). Although it is unlikely we will need a large cookie sheet size magnet board for any of our bit-size projects, you never know when it might be needed for a larger lace chart project in the future. And meantime, I can even use it to make cookies, lol.

Isn’t it great to add to your knitting bag of tips and tricks? Are there any you have recently added because of Bits of Lace? Something you picked up on might have been missed by someone else, so it never hurts to repeat.

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2 Responses to Reading and Keeping Your Place in Lace Charts – Redux

  1. Susan Dewey says:

    This goes along with “which style of chart do you prefer?” If using a chart with a “no stitch” symbol, where stitches line up with the row below and above, then I keep track by using the magnetic strip (on my cookie sheet or metal holder laid just above the row I’m working on. I also use 3 colored pencils to mark every third row. I color through the entire row which provides a guide for my eyes – above, below or on a particular color. I usually use orange, green and purple – but lightly colored so I can still see the marks.

  2. Vicki says:

    I use cookie sheets I got at garage sales.

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