Patterns for Troika Technique

The troika technique of alternating 3 ends of yarn used in spot weaving such as this month’s learn-and-knit-along for the Spot Woven Dishcloth can be carried over to other slipped stitch patterns and even garter stitch and lace.

I borrowed the word “troika” from the original Russian, meaning a “set of three”.  Troika Technique uses 3 strands of yarn that are worked 1 strand each row in a rotating sequence.

Especially with slipped stitch patterns, and even with garter stitch, using the troika technique is an easy way to intermix colors or textures while working with just 1 end of yarn on a row in “stripes” that don’t really end up looking like stripes.

Another advantage of the 3-ended troika sequence is that the changes of colors are carried up each edge equally (rather than all up on just one of the edges).

Here are the patterns currently in the HeartStrings collection that incorporate the troika technique. I hope you enjoy trying out this interesting technique in one or more of these patterns. There are 2 For Free and 3 For Fee:

Troika Scarf Troika Scarf is a super easy odd-ball, stash-busting knit sideways along the length in garter stitch using any 3 different yarns in sport weight to chunky you have on hand or might dig out of your LYS’s close-out sale bin.

Pattern available for free here.

Troika Wrap-Around Faroese Shawl knitted by Joy Cyr Troika Wrap-Around Faroese Shawl is a wonderfully simple and fun shawl shaped like a giant butterfly. Knitted in a troika 3-ball garter stitch technique from the top-down, this is a great pattern for using a mix of novelty and stash yarns.

Pattern available for purchase here.

Spot Woven Dishcloth Spot Woven Dishcloth was the September KAL knit-and-learn-along project at KnitHeartStrings. In addition to using the troika technique, this project teaches spot weaving using 2 working ends of a main color and 1 end of accent spot color.

Pattern available for free here with KnitHeartStrings membership. Not a member? Join Now – There is no charge to join.

Beaded Shamrocks Socks Beaded Shamrock Socks uses spot woven stitch pattern along with the troika technique for a sturdy heel flap that mimics the look of beads. The design motivation was to carry forward the look of beading beyond the sock cuff and upper leg. But of course, using beads in the heel could be very uncomfortable if worn with shoes, lol.

Pattern available for purchase here.

Easy Asymmetry Wrap Easy Asymmetry Wrap is the ideal 3-ball pattern for creating your own one-of-a-kind designer lace shawl with a mix of fancy and/or classic yarns using the troika technique.

Pattern available for purchase here.

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