It’s Tea Time KAL (April)

Lace dyed with tea to give the feeling of a nostalgic past

April’s learn-and-knit-along project in the Beyond BOBBOL 2014 Series gives double meaning to tea time. After knitting the lace, dye it with tea for a vintage look. Then add the pretty lace napkin to your tea service for a nostalgic setting.

Tea-time Serviette

Come join us to knit Tea-time Serviette and dye for vintage effects.

This design features a petit scalloped edging, long tail beaded cast on (optional), circular knitting to form a square from outside to center, and cold-brew tea dyeing.

Featured Techniques

  • long tail beaded cast on
  • pull over scallop edging
  • circular outside-in square
  • dyeing with tea

Tea Time napkin doily coasterAlso, check out the extra bonus support articles to make Tea-Time napkins and doilies with other edging options, as well as a a smaller companion beverage coaster.

Missed the April KAL? You can purchase the pattern now and still take advantage of free tutorials, tips & techniques articles in the April 2014 archives at KnitHeartStrings.


Tea-time Serviette e-Pattern
Tea-time Serviette gives double meaning to tea time. After knitting the lace, dye it with tea for a vintage look. Then add the pretty lace napkin to your tea service for a nostalgic setting.

This design features a petit scalloped edging, optional beaded cast on, circular knitting from outer edge to center to create a square that lies flat, and tea dyeing.

Price: $6.50

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Knit, learn, and enjoy the making!


35 Responses to It’s Tea Time KAL (April)

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  5. lorri helms says:

    How do we post our finished project? Had a lot of fun…luv having a short project for a change.

  6. susan blanchard says:

    This is my first knit along and I am delighted with this pattern! I may not finish in the time period, but I am plugging away and having such a fun time. Each time I see a new, tiny scallop appear, I get excited. With only four scallops thus far, I have a ways yet to go. Progress. Yea!

    • jackiees says:

      Hi Susan, Yea for you!
      Don’t worry about rushing to finish before the 25th. That is just when the discount period ends for getting the pattern at the reduced price. Since you already have the pattern, you are good to do. It’s fine to knit on after that, and I will be here after that if you need help.

  7. Cathy Smihula says:

    How much is the shipping for the kit (Serviette)?


    • jackiees says:

      Hi Cathy, Do “Add to Cart” for the products you want to purchase and it will give you the shipping amount for them (it depends on what else you order and the country to which the item would be shipped). Only if you checkout to complete the purchase will the order actually be placed.

  8. Gloriamarie Amalfitano says:

    I am having problems buying the pattern. I applied the discount code, clicked to pay with paypal and all I get is a circle going around and around. It says “Please wait, your order is being processed… You will be redirected to the payment page shortly

    Processing Order…

    If you are not automatically redirected to the payment page within 5 seconds…”

    I click where it says to click and still nothing happens. If you have any idea what I’ve done wrong or what to do help me, I would be so grateful.


    • jackiees says:

      I wonder if Paypal might be having some delays? Can you try again a little later?

      • Gloriamarie Amalfitano says:

        It’s not 7:23PM where I live. still cannot complete the payment process.

        • Gloriamarie Amalfitano says:

          I meant it is now 7:23… sheesh. When will I learn to type? I went to the paypal site… logged in without any problems. Will try tomorrow.

          • jackiees says:

            I don’t know, Gloriamarie. There have been sone orders that came in via Paypal since you wrote, so I am not sure what is different that for you. Let’s try again tomorrow and then if still a problem, will work on figuring out a different way to temporarily get the pattern out to you so that you can start knitting.

  9. Linda Dawson says:

    I think we all need to move past the confusion about what is Free and what is Not. Let’s keep this fun with positive sharing and communication.
    We all need to thank Jackie for her efforts to teach us new skills and share her creative ideas. I look forward each month to see what she creates. Thank you Jackie for your kindness, courtesy and creative genius.

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  11. Carly Gibson says:

    This is my first KAL, and I have a question. Materials indicate 176 size 8 seed beads for the project. When starting the project, it reads long tail cast on 220 stitches with a bead between each cast on stitch. Wouldn’t that be 220 beads? Or am I missing something in the cast on directions?

    • jackiees says:

      Hi Carly, Welcome to your first KAL here! That’s a good first step in that you are reviewing the pattern. Probably you just read too fast, though. When you re-read and look more closely, you will notice that there is a plain cast on stitch in each 5-stitch multiple for setting up the petit scallop edging. (i.e. your assumption that there is a bead between each cast on stitch is not what is reads) I’ll be posting more shortly to demonstrate the cast on and petit scallop edging (and why on this particular design we are only placing 4 beads for every 5 cast on sts), but just wanted to meantime get your question answered so you wouldn’t be concerned. Do you see what you missed in reading the instructions, and does the bead count make sense to you now? Let me know as I want to help you get off to a good start in your first KAL!

      • Carly Gibson says:

        Thank you for your very timely response! I didn’t get too far along with my cast on! So not too much to frog. It looks much better now and makes sense! Back to knitting, this is so exciting. I love learning new techniques.

  12. Judy Gibson says:

    Oh boy, it’s the fifth–can’t wait to get started. A question about bead size, though.

    I went to a new bead shop that has opened in my neighborhood, and when I asked for 3 mm beads the owner took me over to a wall where the beads were $4 per string of 50, and said that’s all he had in that size. Then I mentioned 8/0 (or number 8 it turns out) and he took me to a different wall where there were seed beads in large tubes for $3. Which I bought. Are these size designations not the same then?

    BTW, I think I’ll do mine in navy blue with white beads, and skip the tea dyeing, obviously. Jazzy, no?

    • jackiees says:

      Navy blue with white beads sounds nice!

      I am not sure what the bead store would have first shown you when you asked for 3mm diameter beads. Maybe he/she misunderstood what you were asking for? I am going to guess that somehow they got things flipped around with the numbers and showed you 8mm diameter beads (which would come 50 to a 16″ string). That is the only way I can arrive at justifying a price point of $4 per 50. (which otherwise be way too high for 3mm seed beads) It’s also possible they were showing you size 3/0 beads, but those are usually closer to around 6mm.

      Size designations can sometimes vary by manufacturer or source, which obviously can lead to confusion. That is why I like to give the avg diameter measurement (as well as a common size designation), just as a sanity check. An easy way to check a bead size is with a knitting needle gauge. Read What Size Beads Do You Have?

    • Judy Gibson says:

      Thanks, Jackie! I’m not going to worry about how we miscommunicated at the bead shop, just wanted to be sure that those two terms mean the same thing. Got my beads and ready to go!

  13. Frances Rautenbach says:

    Yikes! How did my response to Anna lose the most important bit of wording!

    For “get + to purchase” read

    “Free Limited Content members get FREE ACCESS to all TUTORIALS, TIPS & TECHNIQUES ARTICLES for the KAL + the OPTION to purchase”

    Jackie leaves out “liberally illustrated with really good photographs” – making all that takes a lot of time and effort.

  14. Frances Rautenbach says:

    Anna, I do understand how wording can be misunderstood, but is it deliberately misleading?
    What is being offered free, what is being shared with us, is made clear: ‘Free Limited Content members get + the to purchase.’
    “Free Limited Content” is perhaps not so easy to understand – I understand it means you don’t pay, and the content is limited (you don’t get the pattern free), but it’s really worth what you don’t have to pay, because you get SO MUCH tuition free! And you don’t pay $6.50, but only half that. People who don’t want all the free tuition have to pay $6.50! Is Jackie giving us a raw deal? I don’t think so.
    Even if it were “misleading” on purpose, it’s still FREE, so we’re not losing anything. And if it was deliberate, all I can see that she’d be getting out of us is frustration at her! I just want to say I misread stuff too, but my frustration is to be directed at myself, not the writer, when I see the writer has made it very clear somewhere else.
    I think Jackie’s OK.

  15. Anna says:

    I guess the term “sharing it with you” is what mislead us. Yes she does have a right to charge whatever she wants, but it was misleading.

    • jackiees says:

      Aaahh … Thank you for pointing that out. Yes, in the Newsbrief I emailed to members this morning April 5, and the lead-in to the Choosing thread/yarn if you plan to dye support article posted April 3, I see where I used the word “it”.

      The idea of featuring tea time dyeing in one of my designs has been brewing for years! I’m thrilled to finally be sharing it with you for this month’s KAL …

      A featured technique in this month’s KAL will be dyeing with tea. That is the “it” I was referring to. Of course, if you don’t want to dye with tea, that’s fine. Or if you want to use what I demonstrate for cold brew tea dyeing on some other project, that is fine, too. So I will be sharing (for free) the technique articles for this.

      My intent was certainly not to mislead. And I am sorry that some apparently misread (or just assumed) I was referring to the pattern itself for Tea-time Serviette. You will not need the pattern to learn about the tea dyeing (in fact, the pattern only has a cursory 4 sentences about this). I think (hope!) you will be pleased with the upcoming free photo tutorial.

  16. Frances Rautenbach says:

    I think it is fair of people like Christine to have asked for clarification, and unfair of people like Nan to have leapt to a judgemental assumption without reading first.
    I also think it is totally fair for Jackie to be charging for what used to be free, and somewhat unfair to demand of Jackie that she offer for free and forever her teaching skills, her help, her years of accumulated knowledge, and her amazing new designs!
    So, Jackie, just in case you have received more letters misunderstanding the change since the New Year, I would like to personally thank you for your wonderful CONTINUED generosity in 2014. We have the choice to pay, or not to pay if we can’t.
    I understand that the misunderstandings come despite you having tried your very best to make membership details very clear. So I appreciate how clear you have been.

    I also understand how people not reading carefully can lead to misunderstanding, as does having English as a Second Language. Following directions is not easy!
    So it’s OK if you misunderstand a direction, or make a mistake – and Jackie is really good at helping you out if you do.
    But when you lose your cool at her because you can’t read instructions so easily, she still responds with courtesy. I’d hope you respond with the courtesy of an apology for accusing her of wrongdoing. It’s not easy to be yelled at unjustly!

  17. Christine Korndoerfer says:

    Last month & again this month I can’t get the free patterns. I’m logged in but still can’t get it. Would you please help correct this problem. Thanks!

    • jackiees says:

      Hi Christine, Your membership plan no longer includes the monthly pattern for free (sorry, that introductory offer expired at the end of January). You can either purchase the monthly pattern at the discount offered during the KAL period (which for this month’s pattern is Apr 5 – 25) or you can upgrade to one of the paid membership levels (Basic or Premium) which includes the monthly pattern at no charge as part of the plan benefits. Here is an overview of the membership plans –

      Does this answer your question? Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

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  19. Nan Claypool says:

    First you say it’s free to Limited members and then you say it’s “available”. If it’s available for $6.50, it’s NOT free.

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