The Key to Keeping Your Free Membership Active

The short story: Don’t unlink your email address between this site and your subscription to HeartStrings news. If you unsubscribe (or don’t confirm your invitation to subscribe within 30 days), you will no longer have access to the free content for Bits of Lace.
The longer story: The email address you are registered with at this site should be the same as the email address you use to subscribe to HeartStrings newsletters. This keeps your free membership active, thereby giving you access to free content.

If you are not subscribed to HeartStrings news when you first register here, the system will email an invitation to the address you enter. You will want to confirm the invitation so you continue to have access to free content for Bits of Lace.

If you need to change email addresses for any reason, let me know so that I can make sure you don’t get dropped from the group.

I want you to continue to enjoy Bits of Lace. So please don’t feel shy about commenting about what you like, about what you’d like to do and learn about, and any questions or suggestions.

p.s. More interesting projects coming up! Remember that an outline for the remainder of the year is posted at What’s Coming Up for Bits of Lace.

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13 Responses to The Key to Keeping Your Free Membership Active

  1. Diana says:

    I have the free limited level, does that mean that I no longer could get the free patterns?

    • jackiees says:

      After Jan 25th, the Free Limited Content level does not include the monthly Membership pattern. However, I’ve given everyone a chance to get January’s membership pattern at no charge thru Jan 25th (you just have to be logged in to your member account so the system recognizes you). After that, members at the Free Limited Content level will be limited to certain areas of the site (e.g. you will no longer be able to see the download button for Membership pattern, but will be able to purchase it at a discount during the KAL period if you want to).

      I hope you have enjoyed your Introductory Free Trial membership and will continue to knit along with us whatever membership level you decide.

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  3. Charlene Grayson says:

    When do we start the fall leaves?

  4. Beverly Duhon says:

    I just love Jackie’s projects. I knitted the Etheral Fischu about 10 years ago and wear it almost daily. Air Conditioning is hard on me, hurts my bones, going from 90ish degrees to 60ish at church and when I’m in and out of buildings, ouch!!

    Thank you Jackie for all of the knowledge and encouragement through the years. I rememer the days at Tall Timbers and the SWIC Retreats, what fun!!! Wool Days at Perkins Farm are fond memories, take care dear friend and hope to see you soon.

  5. Anne Stoddard says:

    The newsletters always seem to come when I am stuck for something new to try.
    Thanks for the wonderful information and patterns. Anne

  6. JaanL says:

    Even though my lace isn’t perfect, I love your newsletters and most of all the patterns to work on. They are very pretty and I enjoy working on each of them. Thank you so much for showing us how easy lace can really be.

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  8. Catherine says:

    I am enjoying your emails and plan to start the project today. Have been shopping for beads this week and found 2 stores with in driving distance.

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  10. Patty T says:

    It’s always a pleasure to get a new email from Heartstrings — and the Bits of Lace are always interesting “little” projects!

  11. I love your newsletters!

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