Sneak Peek for February’s KAL – Supplies Paks now available

Can you believe it is almost time to finish the formal part of the KAL for I Heart Filet Scarf? If by chance you have not yet gotten the pattern, all KnitHeartStrings members can still download it for free before Jan 25th.

Looking ahead to next month’s project in the Beyond BOBBOL 2014 series, get a sneak peek now at Next Up KAL.

Diana wrote:So far I have enjoyed most of your patterns & tips thanks. I would like to see in this new year especially when the patterns call for beads. If there would be a kit with the beads that we could purchase that would be great. I know I am asking for so much …“.

I answered: “I offered Supplies Paks for November’s Easy Elegance Mitts, and that was well received. So I don’t think you are asking too much, lol. Good idea about offering kits for some of the patterns this year. I won’t be able to do that all the time since I am away from my studio for about half the year. But I will see what I can do, starting with next month’s KAL pattern which is a beaded one. Thanks for the suggestion!

With Diana’s suggestion in mind, I have Supplies Paks for the February project KAL available for purchase now. There is even an upgrade option to have me string the beads for you (yah – I know I am crazy!! but I’m not giving you any excuses to not try knitting with beads).

Supplies Pak for Irish Coffee Cozy (does not include pattern)
This supplies pak includes yarn and beads in your choice of colors to make one Irish Coffee Cozy. NOTE: PATTERN NOT INCLUDED. Please purchase downloadable e-Pattern separately.

A floss threader is included if you want to string your own beads OR you can purchase the upgrade option to get the beads already strung on the yarn ready to start knitting right away!

Price: $7.95
Yarn Color :
Bead Color :
String beads option? :

I still encourage you to stash dive or give yourself an excuse to visit your local yarn shop for the supplies to make Irish Coffee Cozy. But if you’d like the convenience of one-stop shopping, I can get a Supplies Pak of your choosing out to you as soon as possible. Be aware that supplies are limited, so some color choices may be eliminated as inventory runs out.

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  1. Rita says:

    Jackie, thanks so much for the Happy Birthday wishes. It was a fun surprise.

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