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If you missed some of the knit-and-learn-alongs for previous months, you can purchase the pattern now and still take advantage of extra bonus FREE tutorials, tips & techniques articles in the monthly archives at KnitHeartStrings.

There’s lots of good information in the articles to help you enjoy your pattern even more (and who knows, you might even pick up a tip or trick along the way).

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Note: This listing is in reverse date order, with the most recently completed monthly KAL listed first.

Beyond BOBBOL 2014 / 2015 KAL’s

Beyond BOBBOL 2014 carries on the tradition of learn-and-knit-a-longs for small projects while learning and practicing in bit-sized steps. 2013′s BOBBOL Series for Bits Of Beads/Bits OLace expanded the popular Bits of Lace 2012 Series with additional types of small lace projects and the addition of projects for building skills in beading. For 2014, we are set to go Beyond BOBBOL with  projects to refine our skills in lace and beads, and add new ones.

Flowered Crown Baby Hat (April – May)

our yearly focus on charity knitting

For this KAL only, everyone will be able to get the project pattern for free! Come join us to knit Flowered Crown Preemie Hat.

Flowered Crown Baby Hat

This pretty baby hat is knit in the round for the most part in a simple 1,1 ribbing. Its plainness is topped off with a “flower” design incorporated in the decreases for the crown shaping. I hope you will enjoy knitting this project for your favorite baby charities and baby-gifting occasions.

Get the Flowered Crown Preemie Hat here (free pattern)

Fabulous Beaded Eggs (March – April)

Fab Bead Egg e-Pattern
Fab Bead Eggs is a Faberge inspired knitting pattern for beaded 3-dimensional egg shape whimsies.

These eggs do not pretend to approach the magnificence of true Faberge, yet you can take pride in them as your own little works of art. Undoubtedly, you'll impress everyone with your bead-sparkly creativity. Besides, they are simply fun to knit and display.

Also available separately without pattern: Supplies Pak to make a Fab Bead Egg

Price: $6.00

Lace Embellished Towel (January – February)

Lace Embellished Towel
With this pretty lace edging, you can turn an ordinary towel into something extraordinary. Whether you make it for yourself or a gift for someone else, I promise that your lace-edged towel will have a special place in the heart and home.
Price: $6.00

Knitted Snowflakes (December – January)

Lacyflake #1
Snow is beautiful, especially when you can stay warm and cuddly indoors while knitting snowflakes. This small snowflake medallion starts at the center and grows in lacy rounds until completed with a free-form lace bind off technique.
Price: $5.50

Beaded Mosaic Knitting (November)

Beaded Basket Weave Mosaic Hat
Do you love beads and glitz? Then this one is for you. Although the colorwork might appear involved, the slip-stitch color knitting is simple because you only need to handle one yarn color at a time.

The beads give an added depth of color and look of complexity to an otherwise simple beaded knitting technique.
Price: $6.50

KAL articles for Beaded Basket Weave Hat

Other Tutorials and Tips to complement the November KAL

Check out other beading tutorials and tips listed for previous KALs on this page, as well as on the Bits of Lace 2012 and BOBBOL 2013 pages. These tutorials and tips are free to all members.

Smoke Ring with Lace Edging (October)

Smoke Ring with Lace Edging e-Pattern
This versatile accessory can be worn pulled down around the neck to lay on the shoulders as a dressy cowl neckline, or pulled up over the head as an elegant head covering.

Begin with a strip of pretty lace edging knit flat. Detailed instructions are included for beginning the strip with a provisional cast on and grafting for an invisible seam. Then pick up stitches and knit circularly in another lace stitch pattern. A decorative bind off completes the smoke ring knitted tube.

Price: $7.00

KAL articles for Smoke Rings

  • Picking a Yarn
    The “smoke” part of the name smoke ring refers to the light-as-air fibers with superb warmth for their weight that are often used in making smoke rings.
  • Sizing for a Custom Fit
    If there is need to resize a smoke ring pattern, it will usually not be major amounts. One of these strategies will likely suffice.
  • What Goes Into the Design of a Smoke Ring?
    Spark excitement in how you can use the canvas of a simple smoke ring to play around with Form, Stitch Pattern(s), Embellishment and Structure.
  • Don’t Overthink It
    Sometimes it is the easy things that can trip us up in our knitting. Don’t overthink this month’s 2-stitch decorative bind off edging.
  • Blocking a Smoke Ring
    My motto is to keep it simple.

Spot Weaving: Spot woven knitting that mimics the look of beads (September)

2-sided hot pad with colors reversed on each side

2-sided hot pad with colors reversed on each side

Spot Woven Dishcloth (free pattern)

Spot Woven Dishcloth

Spot Woven Dishcloth

KAL articles for Spot Weaving

Lacy Maizy (August)

Lacy Maizy e-Pattern
Lacy Maizy features crisp outlines of cable stitches against a lace background to resemble ears of corn and give a nod to maize yarn.
Price: $6.50

KAL article for Lacy Maizy

Market Bag (July)

Crossed Loop Market Bag e-Pattern
Make a colorful string bag for your next eco-friendly shopping trip. A bag that scrunches down to next to nothing until needed; then expands to accommodate more fiber stash purchases or whatever. It's a great bag to take to the beach or poolside, too!

Price: $6.00

KAL article for Crossed Loop Market Bag

  • Lace-Like Non-Lace
    I call the method used to make this stitch “cross looped”. It’s lace-like because of it’s openness, but not technically lace.

Charity Knitting Made Simply Elegant (June)

Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket - free charity knitting pattern at

Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket – free charity knitting pattern at

KAL articles for Charity Knitting Made Simply Elegant

Precious Treasures: Lorna’s Light Necklace Purse (May)

Precious Treasures e-Pattern (a.k.a. Lorna's Light)
Fine, fancy lace knitting beadwork transforms into beautiful necklace purse jewelry.

Instructions are also included to knit the same pattern stitches into either of two bookmark styles.

Price: $6.50

KAL articles for Lorna’s Light Necklace Purse

  • The Challenge of Tiny
    This month’s Precious Treasures KAL combines lace knitting and beadwork in the tiniest project we’ve attempted so far with tiny needles, thread and beads.
  • Counting beads needed for a project
    Many patterns omit exact number of beads needed for a project. Especially if you are stringing by hand, it is nice to know. This is how to figure it out for yourself.
  • Purl Twist Right
    I expect the p1tr (purl 1 twist right) stitch used in Lorna’s Light might have been new to you. It is used for firmer fabric and locking in tiny beads.
  • Ideas for Beaded and Twisted Cords
    A fun part of making a necklace purse is coming up with a coordinating cord to go around your neck. Ideas and tips to make your own unique necklace cord.

Tea-time Serviette (April)

Tea-time Serviette e-Pattern
Tea-time Serviette gives double meaning to tea time. After knitting the lace, dye it with tea for a vintage look. Then add the pretty lace napkin to your tea service for a nostalgic setting.

This design features a petit scalloped edging, optional beaded cast on, circular knitting from outer edge to center to create a square that lies flat, and tea dyeing.

Price: $6.50

KAL articles for Tea-time Serviette

  • Choosing thread/yarn if you plan to dye
    The most critical step to successful tea dyeing is your thread choice.
  • Edging Options
    Tea-time Serviette begins at the outer edge with a delightful Beaded Petit Scallop Edging. You can also consider one of these other edging options.
  • Judy’s Straw Trick
    Judy Gibson’s trick for using a straw to help beads jump onto your needle.
  • Long Tail Beaded Cast On
    This beaded cast on is very attractive because the beads will position themselves away from the fabric’s edge, giving a picot effect along the border.
  • Petit Scallop Edging
    Tea-time Serviette features a dainty lace Petit Scallop edging that can either be started with a beaded cast on or left plain without beads.
  • Zooming Along on the Center Area
    Making a Square in 4 Triangular Sections. The basics of outside-in square shaped circular knitting plus a few tidbits for the ever-curious knitter.
  • Tea Dyeing
    Tea dyeing is an easy way to give common white thread a lovely vintage look. Dyeing can be done either before knitting or afterwards.
  • Bonus Companion Project: Beverage Coaster
    Make a smaller companion piece for your Tea-time Serviette. This variation can be used as a large beverage coaster or teapot mat to protect your table.

Spring Lace Leaves Scarf (March)

Spring (a.k.a. Narrow) Lace Leaves Scarf e-Pattern
Get ready for spring with this delightful end-to-end Lace Leaves scarf with knit-as-you-go edging. The scarf is knitted from end to end in one piece. It makes up quickly and will be a nice treat for those on your gift list, or even yourself.

Price: $6.00

KAL articles for Spring Lace Leaves Scarf

Irish Coffee Cozy (February)

Irish Coffee Cozy e-Pattern
Go Green while celebrating luck and laughter in the Irish tradition. Basic knit stitch and an easy beading technique combine to make this cup huggie quick and fun to knit.

Price: $5.50

KAL articles for Irish Coffee Cozy

I Heart Filet Lace (January)

I Heart Filet Lace e-Pattern
Knit this short ascot-like scarf and wear a heart on your heart. The knitted lace mesh simulates the look of filet lace crochet or darned netting, but is actually knitted. A boldly outlined heart motif at each of end of the scarf is set against the background of lace mesh.
Price: $6.00

KAL articles for I Heart Filet Lace


projects in the BOBBOL 2013 series

BOBBOL stands for Bits of Beads/Bits of Lace, and expands the popular Bits of Lace 2012 Series with additional types of small lace projects and the addition of projects for building skills in beading. Some projects are lace, some are beads, and some are both. There is something for everyone.

Lace Doily Beret (December)

Lace Doily Beret e-Pattern
Lace Doily Beret is knit in the style of a lace doily with a center start and repeating medallions. The beret is flattering and lightweight for fashionable wear without flattening your hairdo.
Price: $6.00

KAL articles for Lace Doily Beret

Easy Elegance Mitts (November)

Easy Elegance Mitts e-Pattern
indulge yourself with easy elegance
Easy Elegance Mitts are easy to make, yet look so classy.
Price: $6.00

KAL articles for Easy Elegance Mitts

Beaded Crescent Neck Lace (October)

Beaded Crescent Neck Lace e-Pattern
Simple and beautiful lace for your neck. Adorn your neckline with a crescent of color and beads.
Price: $6.00

KAL articles for Beaded Crescent Neck Lace

Little Beaded Pumpkin (September)

Little Beaded Pumpkin e-Pattern
Tiny and adorable. This little beaded pumpkin will be the hit of your fall holiday decorating and entertaining.
Price: $5.50

KAL articles for Little Beaded Pumpkin

Kitty In Your Lap Towel (August)

Kitty In Your Lap Towel e-Pattern
Perfect for the most avid kitty lovers -- this knitted lap cloth or hand towel features a cute lace cat motif.
Price: $6.00

KAL articles for Kitty In Your Lap Towel

Bells on My Toes Holiday Beaded Mini Sock (July)

Bells On My Toes Holiday Beaded Mini Sock e-Pattern
Bells On My Toes is a festive holiday miniature sock for you to knit with beads and a bell. Simple beading techniques make this mini sock pattern quick to knit, and the results look impressive. I bet you won't be able to make just one!
Price: $6.00

KAL articles for Holiday Beaded Mini Sock

Dolly’s Top-Down Tri Shawl (June)

Dolly's Top-Down Tri Shawl e-Pattern
Who can resist a dolly or teddy bear, especially one dressed in a lace shawl you've knitted?
Price: $6.00

KAL articles for Dolly’s Top-Down Tri Shawl

Pinwheel Flower (May)

Pinwheel Flower e-Pattern
Bring a little bit of knitting art into your kitchen, bath, or dining entertainment. Make this practical, small piece of flower-inspired "art" that you can use as a facecloth (pictured here in a boudoir gift basket), tabletop coaster/doily, or stylish kitchen dishcloth.
Price: $5.00

KAL articles for Pinwheel Flower

Mini Lace and Beaded Flag (April)

Mini Lace and Beaded Flag e-Pattern
Knit a miniature version of the red, white and blue U.S. flag. The lacy stripes and beaded stars symbolize the flag proudly waving in the breeze. The pattern instructions include a neat trick to carry the unused stripe color up each side without showing. No extra weaving in of ends! This is the updated version that contains both charted and written instructions.
Price: $7.00

KAL articles for Mini Lace and Beaded Flag

Pretty Awesome Yarn Pouch (March)

Pretty Awesome Yarn Pouch e-Pattern
Pretty Awesome Yarn Pouch will give your yarn balls a pretty dress-up while protecting the yarn itself.
Price: $6.00

KAL articles for Pretty Awesome Yarn Pouch

Seemingly Seamless 2-Needle Preemie Hat (February)

Seemingly Seamless 2-Needle Preemie Hat e-Pattern
This preemie hat is simply knit flat back and forth on 2 needles. What is clever is in the finishing, where the seam is sewn to mimic the herringbone lace stitch, and thus appears to be "seamless". The pattern reveals the secret that makes this work. Your knitting friends won't believe that you didn't knit this hat circularly!
Price: $5.00

KAL articles for Seemingly Seamless 2-Needle Preemie Hat

Beading Hearts Friendship Bracelet (January)

Beading Hearts Friendship Bracelet e-Pattern
Give the gift of friendship with a heartfelt, hand-knitted beaded bracelet. The basic knit stitch and an easy bead knitting technique make Beading Hearts Friendship Bracelet quick and fun for even a beginning bead knitter.
Price: $5.00

KAL articles for Beading Hearts Friendship Bracelet

Bits of Lace 2012

Projects in the Bits of Lace 2012 Series

Knitted lace edgings are a beautiful addition to garments, linens, and accessories. Because these trims are typically done on just a few stitches, each project takes just a small amount of materials and time.

A Bit of Lace Dolly Shawl (December)

A Bit of Lace Dolly Shawl e-Pattern
A Bit of Lace Dolly Shawl is a great way to have fun learning on a small shawl before putting the time into a larger shawl. You'll learn
  • the basics of shaping a top-down Faroese-style shawl
  • the attach-as-you-knit method for knitting a lace edging as a bind off
The size is suitable for 18" dolls and teddy bears, making it a delightful gift for a lucky doll or teddy bear lover!
Price: $6.00

KAL articles for A Bit of Lace Dolly Shawl

Knitted Ribbons (November)

Knitted Ribbons Starter Kit (includes pattern)
Make your gift one-of-a-kind. Easy to knit ribbons make fancy package ties to be enjoyed beyond opening the gift. Kit includes #A70 Knitted Ribbons pattern and 20 yards "chained" metallic gold yarn.

Pattern includes two versions to choose from: "Picot Loops" and "Stairway to Heaven". The yarn is enough to make two 24" or 36" ribbons for a small gift box (one each of the 2 versions included in the pattern), or a longer single ribbon.
Price: $6.00

KAL articles for Knitted Ribbons

Bits of Lace Oak Leaf (October)

Bits of Lace Oak Leaf e-Pattern
Believe it or not, this little oak leaf is a bit of lace edging. The design features an interesting lace edging construction built around an I-cord stem.
Price: $5.00

KAL articles for Bits of Lace Oak Leaf

Lace-edged Doily (September)

Lace-edged Doily  e-Pattern (expanded 4-page edition)
Decorate a cloth doily with a dainty lace edging knitted of fine thread. This showpiece lace-edged doily will look amazing anywhere you want a little something to protect furniture while displaying your lace knitting at the same time. This expanded edition of the pattern includes tutorial sections for Crochet Provisional Cast On and Stockinette Kitchener Stitch Grafting in pdf format.
Price: $6.00

KAL articles for Lace-edged Doily

Spiraling Diamonds Lace-edged Towel

Spiraling Diamonds Lace-edged Towel e-Pattern
Turn an ordinary towel into something extraordinary. Whether for yourself or a gift for someone else, your Spiraling Diamonds Lace-edged Towel will have a special place in the heart and home.
Price: $6.00

KAL articles for Spiraling Diamonds Lace-edged Towel

Antique Satin and Lace Ornament

Antique Satin and Lace Ornament e-Pattern
Antique Satin and Lace Ornament makes a stunning heirloom gift and remembrance for the holidays. Fine lace knitted edging and pearl seed beads suggests the look of an antique ornament. This special edition for the Bits of Lace series includes both written and charted instructions.
Price: $6.00

KAL articles for Antique Satin and Lace Ornament

Summer Lace Anklets

Summer Lace Anklets e-Pattern
Summer Lace Anklets begin with a strip of pretty cable-and-lace edging. The edging transforms into a turn-down split cuff for an anklet sock using an easy pick-up of stitches along the straight edge of the lace. This special edition for the Bits of Lace series includes both written and charted instructions.
Price: $6.50

KAL articles for Summer Lace Anklets

Lace Cable Bookmark

Lace Cable Bookmark e-Pattern
Lace Cable Bookmark is a pretty lace design to introduce knitting lace from charted instructions. Don't be scared, though. Even if you have not used charts in the past, there are written instructions to help ease your way into feeling comfortable using charts (if you want to).
Price: $5.00

KAL articles for Lace Cable Bookmark

Three Eyelets Sachet

Three Eyelets Sachet e-Pattern
Knit this little sachet bag that starts with an easy 8-row lace edging. Filled with your favorite potpourri scents, it makes a delightful addition to your lingerie drawer or sweater shelf.
Price: $5.00

KAL articles for Three Eyelets Sachet

Lace Bug Bookmark

Lace Bug Bookmark e-Pattern
Got the lace bug? Here is a cute lace bookmark to make from a bit of hand knit lace edging and ribbon.
Price: $5.00

KAL articles for Lace Bug Bookmark

Extra Bonus Pattern (free)

Quick Lace-Edged Baby Socks

Quick Lace-Edged Baby Socks e-Pattern
Make these baby socks quick-as-a-wink by knitting a small amount of lace edging and attaching to ready-made baby socks. It's a nice hand-made touch with a small amount of time and materials invested.
Price: $5.00

KAL articles for Quick Lace-Edged Baby Socks

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